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Marvel’s Hawkeye Reveals Kingpin And A New Weapon In The MCU

By Soniya Hinduja
December 17,2021

Marvel collaborated with Disney+ only recently. And throughout the initial year, the studio has paid attention to bringing back old characters and paving the way for new ones. Marvel has made every character remarkable, from Sam Wilson and Wanda Maximoff to Agatha Harkness and Loki’s Sylvie. And now, the year is ending with MCU’s final show of the year, Hawkeye.

The show seems to be doing well with its lead characters Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Additionally, the series has impressed fans by introducing one such character who is both old and new. And it is none other than Wilson Fisk’s Kingpin. The main attraction of Hawkeye’s run has been the anticipated entry of Marvel villain Kingpin. Vincent D’Onofrio initially played a role in the Marvel Netflix series Daredevil. 

Apart from D’Onofrio himself playing around with his potential presence in the show on social media, Hawkeye has continuously dropped hints throughout its initial episodes. For instance, there is a moment in Episode 3 where Maya Lopez’s mysterious “Uncle,” who is wearing a giant dark suit and cufflinks, pinches her cheek. Although, ever since that particular clip, fans have been more eager to figure out the mysterious character than ever. 

Hawkeye And Kingpin

Hawkeye And Kingpin

Warning – This article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Hawkeye.

Made of 6 episodes, Hawkeye is closing towards the season’s end. Episode 5 has finally revealed the missing puzzle piece. The show has introduced the audience to the person behind the entire problem. Thus shedding light on MCU’s future as Phase 4 progresses. 

Hawkeye episode 5 discloses a new weapon for Kingpin into the MCU

The final scene of Hawkeye’s Episode 5 has finally confirmed the existence of Wilson Fisk’s Kingpin within the MCU. The villain is played by none other than Vincent D’Onofrio. However, along with the first brief glimpse of the MCU’s Kingpin, the show also revealed something else. 

In the last couple minutes of episode 5, Kate Bishop receives a series of texts from Black Widow’s Yelena Belova. And at last, the string includes a cell phone photo of D’Onofrio’s Kingpin with Kate’s mother, Eleanor Bishop:

Hawkeye Kingpin

Hawkeye reveals Kingpin in photo

The fact that Eleanor hired Yelena to kill Clint is unbelievable. Besides, Eleanor also has connections to Kingpin. Although, Marvel fans are more focused on what Kingpin is leaning on in the blurry shot:

Hawkeye Kingpin

Kingpin talking to Eleanor, leaning on a black cane

Yelena Belova’s low-quality picture shows Fisk leaning on a black cane. The cane is something Marvel fans remember having seen before. But the character did not use it on Netflix’s Daredevil:

Hawkeye Kingpin

A closer look at Kingpin’s accessory

In the original comics, Wilson Fisk used to carry around a diamond-tipped black cane. While the accessory only appeared to be an addition to the villain’s style, it was a part of his arsenal. Nevertheless, in Netflix’s Daredevil, D’Onofrio’s version of the character never once used a cane:

Hawkeye Kingpin

Kingpin and the diamond-studded cane in Marvel comics

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And yet, there are a bunch of Marvel projects in which Fisk is seen sporting the cane. For instance, 2003’s Daredevil movie starring Michael Clarke Duncan as the fearsome and dynamic crime lord:

Hawkeye Kingpin

2003’s Daredevil starring Micheal Clarke Duncan

The villain, Fisk’s entire comic tenure, drew his cane as a weapon. The black arsenal can destroy Fisk’s enemies with a swing. And if the villain manages to use the cane in his MCU narrative, then Barton, Kate, and anyone else needs to be very careful:

Hawkeye Kingpin

Kingpin uses his cane to destroy enemies

Kingpin’s new cane poses a danger to the MCU heroes

Interestingly enough, along with D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, other Marvel legends from Netflix are making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only recently, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige officially announced the entry of Daredevil himself. Netflix’s Charlie Cox will play the character, and he will appear in the MCU real soon. 

The MCU is set to explore the Multiverse at more enormous proportions with Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is why we are wondering if these Netflix characters are from a different timeline-like No Way Home’s Doc Ock or Green Goblin. They’re just the MCU versions of these characters but played by the same actors. 

Indeed, these questions will only see an answer as time moves forward. However, the presence of the came signifies Hawkeye’s Kingpin to be from a familiar timeline in the MCU. Only here, the villain is played by D’Onofrio. Also, Marvel Studios has cleverly dropped this accessory as a hint for the fans. The series tells us that this is where Kingpin makes his debut in the MCU. The only question that remains now is this. Is the cane a weapon like in the comics? Or does Fisk use it as a fashion statement? 

We remember how Hawkeye’s first episode displayed an underground, black market auction of items from Avengers Headquarters. Likely, the crime boss is actively seeking the Avengers’ properties. Specifically, he’s after the MCU’s original billionaire and philanthropist Tony Stark and Stark Tech. Is there a chance that Fisk is looking for a way to modify his cane into a piece of arsenal? An act we are familiar with, thanks to the OG Avenger.

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If this theory holds any weight, then a showdown between the MCU characters and Wilson Fisk will be a fascinating event. And not just because Fisk is an influential person, but because he now possesses an equally powerful weapon. 

Hawkeye only has one episode remaining before its conclusion. And now that we have caught a glimpse at the series’ actual villain, we are likely to see more of him in the MCU altogether. Since Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home have a parallel run, and the events are occurring in the same city, perhaps Kingpin will make an appearance in the upcoming movie as well. 

We will soon find new episodes of Hawkeye’s debut on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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