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Marvel’s Phase 4 Consequences Could Lead Up For Another Civil War

By Abraham George
February 6,2022

A major world event occurred at the end of The Eternals, which may have reignited the divisions depicted in Captain America: Civil War.

Even though the partial emergence of Tiamat, a massive tall celestial, from the Earth’s core, sparked seismic events, the full emergence would have wiped out all life on the planet.

Captain America: Civil War’s introduction of the Sokovia Accords can be traced back to a failed attempt by the Avengers to stop a terrorist bomb.

If the Eternals’ actions had resulted in devastating earthquakes and possibly tsunamis, an uninformed observer might have expected a similar or even greater response.

There hasn’t been much mention of the Sokovia Accords, the legislation enacted to keep superheroes under control, since the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

With regard to Sokovia Accords rules, their structure is based on returning responsibility and authority over world events to elected or appointed leaders of the international community.

Do The Accords Need to Include The Eternals?

The Sokovia Accords

The Sokovia Accords

There has been no mention that the Accords have been repealed, despite the fact that their enforcement has waned in the face of threats to humanity that these world leaders were unable to face on their own. Independent nations appear to have merely enforced them to the extent that they deem appropriate within their own jurisdiction.

However, despite the fact that the Eternals are non-humans, they have residency and apparent citizenship in countries on Earth and could leave if the Accords were enforced.

Their attempts to integrate into society could be hindered by this. MCU Phase 4’s new Accords may make them subject to their policy of non-interference, which shields them from public scrutiny.

They lack the public or governmental support that the Avengers had following the conflict with Thanos because they lack a heroic track record and ambiguous involvement in the global disasters following Tiamat’s emergence.

Even if the Eternals could not be made to adhere to the Sokovia Accords or any similar legislation, it would have little effect on those who did not benefit from their privileges. After Infinity War, there was an Asgardian community on Earth and numerous attempts to create super soldiers around the world, so the exact definition of “superpowered” and the Accords are unclear.

The Political Aftermath of Tiamat

The Celestial Tiamut

The Celestial Tiamut

However, VFX designer Matt Aiken estimates Tiamut’s total height to be around 300 miles tall even though no specific measurements for Tiamut’s body are given in the film. Some of Tiamut’s stoned ruins can be seen after it emerges from the sea, but they are at least a mile and a half above the clouds.

Any such large object breaking through the crust would cause catastrophic plate tectonics, which in turn would cause massive tidal waves and tsunamis to sweep across the planet. The Eternals may be more powerful than the Avengers, but there’s no evidence that they could halt seismic events of that magnitude.

Tiamut’s hand and head rise over a mile in less than an hour, whereas most mountains take years to form. However, it would take considerable time and effort to manage the airborne debris and detritus caused by this massive emergence.

The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010, resulting in massive ash and debris clouds that disrupted air travel around the world.

Tiamut’s emergence is unlikely to be explored, but even a partial emergence would have caused widespread chaos and death. At least a glancing blow was struck in the film. In the film’s portrayal, it is treated as a near miss.

Could Another Civil War Erupt?

Civil War 2

Civil War 2

While the Accords were seen in a history museum in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, references to Accords violations in WandaVision suggest that they are still the law of the land — even though the Accords appear to have been abolished.

A Video from the Youtube channel Quirkybyte also addressed the issue:

It doesn’t matter whether or not the Sokovia Accords are currently being enforced; the documents that comprise them are available if someone wishes to use them as the basis for new legislation, regardless of their current status.

In order to introduce or enforce the Accords, someone who is hawkish about this legislation could use the devastation of Tiamut’s emergence as a point to introduce or enforce it after the Avengers made a fatal mistake in Captain America: Civil War.

There have been millennia of practice for the Eternals to avoid scrutiny, and several of them have left the planet at the end of The Eternals, but the Accords still remain as a looming threat to everyone else who falls into the gray area that the Accords create.

Tiamut’s appearance on Earth could have been compared to Thanos’s attack on Earth, in that humanity could have assumed that it was an alien entity’s actions and not the direct responsibility of anyone on Earth. If it weren’t for the fact that Kingo’s valet, Karun, was filming a documentary, this would have been true.

Could Karun Prove Their Humanity?

Karun in a still from the Eternals

Karun in a still from the Eternals

Although Karun and Kingo were absent from the climax, Karun’s constant filming of the Eternals reveals their journeys and discoveries. Some Eternals, including Kingo, are shown in the final footage as a group as they decide whether or not to intervene in Tiamut’s plan.

Kingo and Karun’s decision not to release an entirely honest version of the documentary is understandable given the circumstances, especially in the wake of global devastation.

However, if any of this information is made public, some may draw a link between the newly formed supergroup and events in the Indian Ocean. This new round of Sokovia Accords may begin with Kingo’s release of a documentary that portrays him as vain and glory-seeking.

An international documentary showing a secretive supergroup responsible for igniting the flames of Scarlet Witch’s cataclysmic threat to the Accords would do just that.

It’s important to note that Marvel has yet to decide whether or not to explore the Sokovia Agreements and the possibility of another Civil War. There is a good chance that events in the Indian Ocean will result in a humanitarian and political crisis, as Marvel has shown with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Anyhow, The Eternals has a lot going on, and a new civil war storyline could be just the beginning.

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