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Marvel’s Secret Invasion Main Villain Has Been Revealed

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 14,2022

The D23 Expo was full of exciting announcements. It finally revealed some information regarding the much-anticipated project Secret Invasion series on Disney+. The project will be exploring the mission of the shape-shifting Skrulls to invade planet Earth and slowly take over it. Secret Invasion will finally see the return of Nick Fury, Maria Hill and the Skrull known as Talos from Captain Marvel. Kingsley Ben-Adir will be playing the main villain of Secret Invasion. Finally, during the presentation at the D23 Expo, we found out that Kingsley Ben-Adir will be playing the “Rebel Skrull leader Gravik”.

Ben-Adir plays Skrull Leader Gravik in Secret Invasion

Kingsley Ben-Adir to play the villain in Secret Invasion

Kingsley Ben-Adir to play the villain in Secret Invasion

During the Marvel Studios presentation at the 2022 D23 Fan Expo, we see Gravik in the show’s first trailer. The rebel leader is seen screaming at an unknown opponent after a scene of Emilia Clarke’s character holding a gun in a hallway. Gravik will be leading the force of alien shapeshifters in order to conquer Earth. Naturally, both Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Ben Mendehlson’s Talos will have to first find out where Gravik is hiding and who has he shape shifted into.

However, Gravik is an entirely new character and not much has been seen of him in the comics. There was a character in the comics named Granok who was also a pretty radical character quite similar to Gravik. As of now all we know about Gravik is that he has a long history and a sustained relationship with Talos though the nature of the relationship is largely unknown.

Gravik the rebellious Skrull leader in Secret Invasion

Gravik the rebellious Skrull leader in Secret Invasion

Killian Scott will also be seen in Secret Invasion. He will be playing Skrull Fiz who is the second-in-command of Ben-Adir’s character Gravik. Fiz on the other hand has been seen in the comics. Fiz was a young Skrull Mutant that was rejected by the Skrull Empire. He eventually managed to come to Earth and get in contact with Professor Charles Xavier. In the comics, Fiz even helped the X-Men battle Apocalypse. He also played a part during the Secret Invasion in the comics. However, his role in the movie will be significantly larger. Kingsley’s character was also reported to be a pretty big role with a future in the MCU. This could even mean that Gravik the Skrull is actually a reanimation of Super Skrull. 

Who are the Super Skrulls?

Super Skrulls from Marvel comics Secret Invasion

Super Skrulls from Marvel comics Secret Invasion

The Super Skrulls were actually a team of feared Skrull warriors. They were given powers of various Superheroes both Earthly and alien. This included the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer and Shi’ar Imperial Guard. These Skrulls were genetically changed and mutated to give them the super powers. These Super Skrulls were given various assignments by their heads ranging from protecting Skrull worlds, impersonating superheroes by being their doppelgangers and being sleeper agents in other planets.

Kl’rt – The first Super Skrull

Kl'rt the first Super Skrull

The first Super Skrull, Kl’rt

Kl’rt also known as the Super Skrull was a decorated soldier in the Skrull army. He eventually became the first Super Skrull when he was given the powers of the Fantastic Four and sent to Earth to conquer it after the Fantastic Four thwarted their previous invasion attempt. He can obviously shape shift and can also mimic the powers of the Fantastic Four. Thus he can also render himself and other objects around him invisible. According to the comics, he also has certain hypnotic abilities and has the power of pyrokinesis, fire manipulation, heat absorption and flight.

Kl’rt also played an important role during Secret Invasion in the comics. When he learned about the invasion, he too went to Earth especially to track his daughter. Nova was an ally of Kl’rt and he even helped Nova when the other Skrulls attacked him. There was a moment in space when it appeared that Kl’rt was actually loyal to the Secret Invasion and had betrayed Nova. However, this was only a ruse to make Nova invisible and send him to Earth. He later was also going to join him on Earth to search for his daughter. During the course of his actions of Earth he also battled She-Hulk.

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