Marvel’s WandaVision Chances Are Looking Very Good For Emmy Nomination

For the folks who love superhero movies or television shows, it is not obscured how they are out of sight during Hollywood awards season. Although there have been some exceptions like The Black Panther, which made history by winning an Oscar in 2019. In general due to some grounds such as visual effects, lack of cinematography or other technical reasons it’s really infrequent to see a megahit superhero film be recognized for the awards. 

The nominations voting for the 73rd Emmy Awards will be closing soon as the official list of nominees reveals on 13th July. This year the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Disney+ are planning to change all that with their streaming shows, live-action series The Mandalorian has already accomplished both nominations and win at The Golden Globes and Emmy’s awards.  

According to a report of survey and award strategists from The Hollywood Reporter, it can be forecasted that the signs are looking favourable for MCU. Wanda Vision is likely to be a  Frontrunner and get nominated for the Best limited or Anthology series, and also the actors’ Paul Bettany as Best actor in a limited series, Elizabeth Olsen as Best Actress in a Limited Series, Kathryn Hahn as Best Supporting Actress in a limited series, Teyonah Parris as a  Major Threat in the Best Supporting Actress in a limited series. 

Well, the list is a predicament of likely to get nominated and not about the odds of winning. Disney and MCU have also been trying hard in a full swing to push The Falcon and Winter Soldier for Emmy’s consideration, but it seems that the series doesn’t have much potential to be listed as ‘Frontrunner’ and is listen in the category of Major Threats. The actor’s Daniel Bruhl and Wyatt Russell are listed as Major Threats in the Best Supporting Actor category, Emily VanCamp is listed as a possibility for Best Supporting Actress. 

The fact that Wanda Vision had already been nominated for the Directors Guild of America  Awards, can be a good manifestation of other nominations as well. At Emmy Awards, the cast and crew of the Wanda Vision have been submitted by Disney in 18 different categories. The MCU has favourable chances to be a frontrunner, as The Hollywood Reporter has listed it in the four supreme categories. 

Most of the Marvel movies and TV shows have always earned positive responses from the audience and the box office. Likewise, Wanda Vision has also earned positive reviews, so it will be an honour to see it in the top awards of Hollywood.

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