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Marvel’s Watcher Now Has A New Evil Version As Kang The Conquerer

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 2,2022

Marvel Comics has revealed that Kang the Conqueror, one of Marvel’s most ruthless and ambitious villains, is an evil version of Marvel’s all-powerful hero, the Watcher. It’s hard to keep up with all the guises that the Conqueror has assumed during his life. These include Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Konglomerator, etc. Timeless #1, on the other hand, allows Kang to see everything that has ever been and will ever be.

Kang The Conqueror Is As Evil As He Can Get

Kang - An incarnation of Evil

Kang – An incarnation of Evil

Preparations for his appearance in the MCU have led to Kang appearing in a growing number of Marvel comics. Avengers: Mech Strike revealed him to be the villain; he had his own limited series in 2021; and now he’s the star of Timeless, another series that portrays Kang as an antihero if not the hero. Professor Doom, not Kang, is lauded as the world’s greatest villain by the Conqueror, who then takes the Professor along on a journey to prove that none are greater than Kang.

In the wake of a catastrophic timequake, Kang and the Professor travel to their fortress to protect themselves from the dangers of the timestream. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Marvel Universe timelines can be seen from Kang and his henchmen’s perch. For example, Kang is shown such sights as Taskmaster taking the Captain America helm, Spider-Man’s daughter taking on the superhero identity, Bucky Barnes attacking a defeated Steve Rogers, an entirely new team of Avengers, and much more. Kang, like Uatu the Watcher, can see all timelines simultaneously from his vantage point.

Kang Fails As A Watcher

The Watcher and Kang-the-Conqueror

The Watcher and Kang-the-Conqueror

Uatu has sworn an oath to never interfere in the affairs of “lesser” beings. This is despite the Watcher’s ability to see the entire universe and chronicle the history of important events. As opposed to the Professor, Kang enjoys interfering in the Professor’s life. And he does so even if it is only because he believes that Doctor Doom is a greater villain than himself. It’s as if Kang has the Watcher’s position in the cosmos. However, he lacks the Watcher’s morals and restraint.

If Marvel’s Watcher is watching Timeless, it’s possible he’ll notice the danger Kang poses to the universe. This, as well as his own well-being. Kang can jump into any timeline he chooses. He can further wreak havoc for the sole purpose of becoming the most powerful person in the universe. Kang fails miserably as a Watcher, but since he has never sworn an oath, he can’t be blamed.

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