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Maura Higgins Gets Into A Tiny Underwear For A Sensational Photoshoot

By Celeb Staff
March 17,2022

Maura Higgins casually set all hearts racing across the world as she revealed a brief snippet of her recent photoshoot on social media. 

The former Love Island contestant in no way appeared shy of flaunting her body as she stripped down to her undies for a seductive Anne Summers photoshoot.

Maura Higgins recently got to Instagram and allowed her fans a little behind-the-scenes look with a sizzling black and white video clip in her Stories. 

The beauty got on all fours as she propped her enviable figure on the bar table. She looked nothing short of sensational as she looked at the camera with a provocative expression.

Maura wore a tiny bra with matching knickers, and she teamed her look with a pair of thigh-high boots.

To complement the dazzle of the shoot, she cropped her long tresses and instead styled her hair in a shorter wet-look hairdo.

Maura Higgins

Maura posed seductively on a bar table (Image: Instagram)

“On set @annsummers,” she added.

Earlier this week, Maura was disappointed in a Q&A session she held for her fans online. When many pressed her to talk about her weight, she had to unwillingly end the live session.

Maura Higgins

The star recently shut down her fans questions (Image: Instagram)

Maura Higgins Abruptly Ends Live Session

The reality star was confident as she spoke on Instagram about the incident. She elaborated on the topic and said that she was “shocked” by how many people smothered her world questions regarding her weight. Maura said she refused to answer them over fears she would be ‘trolled’ to death.

Maura explained:

“Guys, some of these questions I’m just not going to answer, there’s questions about like, what weight am I?

“I’m not going to tell everyone my weight, am I? Because I’d just get trolled to death probably. I’m trying to find one I can answer.”

Among the flurry of questions, one fan asked: “Do you have a PT or what programme do you do to keep so slim?”

Maura Higgins

Maura did not answer questions about her weight over fears of being trolled (Image: Instagram)

Maura replied:

“This question has actually come in the most which I’m pretty shocked about to be honest.

“I’m not a nutritionist or anything like that but I do have a good enough diet and stay as clean as possible, but then I still have whatever I want.”

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