MCU All Set To Introduce Its First Original Superhero Without Any Comic Counterpart
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MCU All Set To Introduce Its First Original Superhero Without Any Comic Counterpart

Kahhori is the newest and original addition to the MCU pantheon, she doesn’t have a comicbook origin at all

By Ishita Chatterjee
March 10,2023

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is set to introduce a new original superhero in its upcoming second season of What If…? – a first-of-its-kind animated series produced by Marvel Studios. The official unveiling of this character, named Kahhori, was inadvertently spoiled when images of a Funko SODA figure of the heroine were leaked to the internet. However, Funko and Marvel Studios have now officially revealed the new SODA figure of Kahhori, which showcases the character’s radiant design in the show.

MCU Introduces Kahhori 

Kahhori and Captain Carter

Kahhori and Captain Carter

Kahhori is depicted as a Native American superhero. Her design features traditional clothing and face paint. Funko has also revealed that collectors who purchase the figure have a chance to find the CHASE edition. That has glow-in-the-dark features in certain areas.

In addition to the SODA figure, the unveiling also showcased the actual SODA can for Kahhori. The can has blue and peach-colored lettering and features a detailed look at the character’s clothing. Kahhori’s debut in the MCU is set to take place in the second season of What If…?. As an original superhero, she is not an adaptation of any character from Marvel Comics. So her story will be entirely new and fresh when she appears in the upcoming show.

What Are Her Abilities? 



It is unknown what abilities and powers Kahhori will possess, it is speculated that she could appear in the 1602 episode of the series, which also features a version of Peggy Carter.

It is not clear whether Kahhori will appear in any future MCU projects beyond the animated series. If she appears in the 1602 episode, she will most likely be a hero from the past. Fans of the MCU can look forward to the release of Season 2 of What If…? on Disney+ in early 2024.

Stay tuned for more news about the new MCU character and her powers.

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