MCU Artist Reveals The Thunderbolts Will Be A Sequel To Famous Phase 4 Film
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MCU Artist Reveals The Thunderbolts Will Be A Sequel To Famous Phase 4 Film

The upcoming MCU movie the Thunderbolts is reportedly going to be a sneaky sequel to another film. Which movie is it?

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 28,2023

There’s a lot of speculation in MCU subreddits about the “Thunderbolts.” But a new piece of information about the movie will send your mind spiraling. Apparently, “The Thunderbolts” is a hidden sequel to another MCU film- Black Widow. Let us tell you all about it:

The Thunderbolts Is A Sequel To Black Widow

Official Thunderbolts Concept Art

Official Thunderbolts Concept Art

In an Instagram post promoting the Art of Black Widow book , Andy Park, Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development, revealed that we will get “Black Widow 2,” but it will be packed as the Thunderbolts movie. He said:

“Here’s the back cover portion for the wraparound cover I got to illustrate for THE ART OF BLACK WIDOW! Get your copy today! Taskmaster, the Red Guardian, Yelena AND Valentina Allegra de Fontaine will be returning in the upcoming THUNDERBOLTS film. It’s like it’s a Black Widow sequel & these these movies are connected or something! 😉 It’s gonna get interesting”

Thanks to the official released concept art, we know that Yelena and Red Guardian are returning. But the knowledge that “Thunderbolts” is going to be a “Black Widow” sequel is new.

What Will The Movie Be About?

Black Widow

Black Widow

Nothing much has been officially released since the concept art, but rumors are swirling about the film online. Many MCU scoopers claim that the film will deal with the team going to the newly created Tiamut island (post-Eternals) and obtaining Adamantium from there.

That event is supposed to trigger a race between different countries to get the metal since it’s supposed to be even more precious than Vibranium. Since we know that Yelena will be leading the team so it’s definitely possible that the film will explore the events of “Black Widow.”

After all, Taskmaster is on the team too and we will probably get to see how she has been rehabilitated. We already saw that the “Hawkeye” Disney+ tv series was a direct continuation of “Black Widow” with Yelena hunting down Clint Barton and unexpectedly becoming friendly enemies with Kate Bishop.

So will we see Kate Bishop in “Thunderbolts”? There’s no rumors about that. But we know that the movie is rumored to feature Sentry as the villain. Also, reportedly other villain-turned-heroes like Songbird will be in the film as well.

As such, the movie looks like it’s going to be about the ragtag group of spies and villains becoming heroes by fighting off Sentry. Whether our theory is right or not will be seen when the film releases in 2024.

Stay tuned for more news.

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