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MCU Characters And Their Weird And Funny Weaknesses

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 4,2022

Superheroes in the MCU also need to have some weaknesses that make them human and fallible. Tony Stark’s weakness is the arc reactor, Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite and Banner’s weakness was the lack of control over his Hulk form. However, some superheroes have absurd and comical weaknesses that we will be exploring.

1. Hawkeye’s weakness – Running out of arrows

Hawkeye in the MCU

Hawkeye in the MCU’s Avengers

Clint Barton is a superhero without any powers in the MCU. His archery skills are his greatest strength. However, imagine in the middle of a fight, Hawkeye simply runs out of arrows. It sounds pretty dumb and would be a very anticlimactic way to lose a battle. After all his arrows aren’t exactly an unlimited source. Maybe he could ask Doctor Strange to help out with some enchantment that would make his collection of arrows infinite.

2. Loki’s weakness – Loki

Loki And Sylvie in the MCU

Loki And Sylvie in the MCU

Okay, this sounds even weirder. What we mean by that is Loki’s weakness is another Loki from a different timeline who now goes as Sylvie in the MCU. She might also be considered a strength since he’s grown so much after meeting her. However, often our strengths and weaknesses have the same source and this can be said for Loki.

3. Captain America’s weakness – The dance

Steve and Peggy dancing in the MCU

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter’s dance

Not Red Skull, HYDRA or even Thanos could take down Captain America in the MCU. However, what did make him step down was the the one dance he had promised to the love of his life, Agent Peggy Carter before he went into the ice. At the end of the day, that dance ended his legacy and did what no other villain could do. Just a small sacrifice for love.

4. Star Lord’s weakness – Bad dance moves 

Star Lord's dance moves

Star Lord’s dance moves

In the MCU Peter Quill quite literally defeated Ronan with his dance moves. Who could have imagined? Some may argue that his greatest weakness is the Walkman given to him by his mother, but its actually having bad dance moves. The entire Galaxy pretty much depended on how well Quill could perform the Running Man move. The weakness is just as hilarious as the character himself.

5. Bucky’s weakness – Words

Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier

This one is actually a pretty serious weakness. But when we put it like that it sounds kind of absurd. Bucky’s weakness is literally words such as seventeen, freight car, longing, rusted, daybreak, furnace, benign, nine, one and homecoming. These were his trigger words that were used by HYDRA and Arnim Zola to brainwash Bucky in the MCU and turn him into the Winter Soldier, a world renowned assassin who lived in the shadows.

6. Black Bolt – His own powers

Black Bolt's death in the MCU

Black Bolt’s death in the MCU

In the MCU Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness introduced us to the Illuminati of Earth-838. However, Wanda made quick work of them and killed them all within minutes. The most interesting death was that of Black Bolt, the Inhuman King. Black Bolt’s powerful voice with quasi sonic energy that is usually his greatest weapon turned out to be his very downfall. Wanda used her chaos magic to rewrite reality and erase Black Bolt’s mouth. When he panicked and tried to speak he literally blew his brains out.

7. Medusa’s weakness – A haircut

Black Bolt and Medusa

Black Bolt and Medusa

Medusa the Queen of the Inhumans has prehensile hair. She uses her hair to hold enemies captive and to thrash them into the ground. This means that her greatest weakness would be a haircut which sounds very comical. If she ever went bald, she would pretty much lose all her powers. So ideally all her enemies need to go after her is a good razor in the MCU.

8. Quicksilver – Bullets

Quicksilver's death in the MCU

Quicksilver’s death in the MCU

In the MCU Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver is one of the fastest beings on the planet in the comics. So its pretty underwhelming when a man with his speed is taken out by mere accidentally fired bullets. In the X-Men, he is able to empty out the entire institute for mutants before the explosion of a bomb and do it with utmost style. His weakness being bullets did not sit well with fans who want Quicksilver to return to the big screen.

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