MCU Dark Dimension Inhabitant: Every One Of Them Ranked By Power

Fans are eager to see what Charlize Theron’s villainous character, Cipher, is up to in Fast X after she recently shared some behind-the-scenes set photos.

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 21,2022
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Fans are eager to see what Charlize Theron’s villainous character, Cipher, is up to in Fast X after she recently shared some behind-the-scenes set photos. After her cameo appearance in Doctor Strange as Clea in the Multiverse of Madness, MCU fans will be more excited about Theron’s future superhero appearances.

In MCU’s Phase 4, Clea is the one who first brings up the Dark Dimension. As it turns out, she isn’t the only Marvel Comics character to have taken up residence in the area. A number of characters have voluntarily or unintentionally entered the Dark Dimension. But who is the most powerful among them?

#8 James Connors – Cloak And Dagger

In the drug trafficking industry, the corrupt New Orleans PD detective is a major player. The Darkforce Cloak uses to trap him in the Dark Dimension after killing O’Reilly engulfs him.

Connors is the only one on the list who does not have any special powers. Despite this, he is shown to be in top form for a human being in every way. In fights, he usually comes out on top, even defeating O’Reilly in a bar brawl, and he never shows any signs of pain when he is injured. He’s also good at dealing with ghosts, such as Billy Johnson.

#7 Clea – Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness


The sorceress approaches Doctor Strange in the street to inform him of a heavy incursion in the MCU’s Dark Dimension, but the scene is far too vague and brittle to be one of the best MCU mid-credits scenes. A portal into the Dark Dimension is opened and the two of them enter it together.

Since Clea is a relatively new character with limited screen time, the majority of her abilities are still a mystery, hence the low tank she receives from players. The fact that she is able to easily create new dimensions is impressive because this is something that most of the Avengers are unable to accomplish. In addition, surviving in the Dark Dimension for an extended period of time requires a unique kind of stamina. It’s safe to assume that Clea has more clout than she appears to have.

#6 Brunette Zealot – Doctor Strange

On her way to becoming a master magician like her father, Brunette becomes corrupted by the Zealot cause. After Doctor Strange makes a deal with Dormammu, she is transported to the Dark Dimension and made into one of the Mindless Ones.

As a result, Brunette’s ability to withstand the Eye of Agamotto’s time manipulation is all the more commendable. Moreover, she doesn’t need any weapons. The ability to conjure Space Shards from thin air is common among Mystic Arts Masters. Doctor Strange uses a Shard in one of her best action sequences to kill Sol Rama.

#5 Blonde Zealot – Doctor Strange

Blonde, like Brunette, joins the Zealots after leaving the Masters of Mystic Arts. She becomes one of the Mindless Ones after her defeat.

Blonde can run on walls with ease because she is strong enough to defy gravity. The majority of Brunette’s other abilities are mirrored in hers. That’s because she, like her fellow Zealot, can withstand the eye. Blonde, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to combat.

#4 Kaecilius – Doctor Strange

Master Mystic Arts Kaecilius is a disgruntled Master after the Ancient One refuses to let in other dimensions. Afterwards, he forms the Zealots but is defeated and exiled to the Dark Dimension.

Kaecelius consistently outperforms his teacher, the Ancient One, in his battles with the legendary warrior. By manipulating space, he enthrals audiences the most. The Mirror Dimension and the New York sanctum are easily twisted by Kaecelius. And his immortality means that he can only be avoided for a short period of time. However, he cannot be defeated.

#3 Ghost Rider (Spirit Of Vengeance) – Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

ghost rider
ghost rider

Because of this bond with vengeful people, the Ghost Rider is usually revealed in the series. While trapped in the MCU’s Dark Dimension, he eventually breaks free and joins forces with Johnny Blaze.

Because of its unique abilities, the Spirit of Vengeance sets itself apart from the other inhabitants of the MCU. Because it doesn’t need an Inter-Dimensional Gate to travel between dimensions, it can easily traverse the universe and timelines. Its ability to make everyday objects like clothing indestructible is as cool as its fire manipulation. It’s impossible to get rid of the host’s possessions. As a result, even Robbie Reyes’s charger is protected from bullets.

#2 Morgan Le Fay – Runaways

It takes the archenemy of King Arthur centuries to find a way out of the Dark Dimension. For her own purposes, she forms her own group of witches, and she aims to control Nico Minoru and acquire the Staff of One.

Agatha Harkness and Wanda are two of the most powerful witches in the MCU. The fact that so many powerful people fear Fey and are willing to serve under her leadership says a lot about her influence.

Weakening the spells of even her fellow witches is no match for her, and she uses it to great effect. It’s also worth noting that she’s one of the few people capable of establishing communication lines between our world and the other side of the universe.

#1 Dormammu – Doctor Strange


The Dark Dimension is ruled by the primordial inter-dimensional entity. Kaecilius is tricked into destroying the Mystic Arts Masters and bringing the Dark Dimension to Earth by the trickery of Kaecilius. Doctor Strange, on the other hand, traps him in an endless time loop, preventing him from escaping.

When it comes to Dormammu’s influence, his power is the primary factor. This means that Dormammu has complete control over all the spells in the Dark Dimension, allowing him to use them in any unique way that he desires. When it comes to Phase 3 villains, this is a big one. Dormammu, in contrast to most MCU characters, possesses so much power that he can freely distribute it to others, as he did to the zealots.