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MCU Death: Thor 4 Trailer May Have Ruined A Character’s Death

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 28,2022

Thanks to the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Marvel may have already revealed a major MCU death. The integration of Gorr the God Butcher as the primary antagonist in MCU Phase 4 could result in the deaths of several notable characters. A casualty has already been teased in the Thor: Love and Thunder marketing for Christian Bale’s powerful new MCU villain, Gorr, in the first Thor: Love and Thunder trailer to showcase Gorr.

Who Will Gorr Kill?

Is Christian Bale's Gorr The God Butcher A Symbiote

Because of its lighthearted and comedic tone, Thor: Ragnarok was able to hide the fact that Taika Wait it’s first MCU film contained a significant amount of bloodshed. With Gorr the God Butcher in the mix, Thor: Love and Thunder looks like it will up the ante in terms of potential casualties.

Because the movie must show how Christian Bale’s villain managed to earn that moniker, it’s likely that he’ll be successful in his quest to kill a few gods. For some time, there was speculation that Gorr could be guilty of killing off some of the most important characters in the MCU, including Thor himself.

In the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Gorr’s death has been potentially revealed. Valkyrie’s choice of weapon is especially fascinating in the footage that shows a sneak peek of an epic battle between Valkyrie and Gorr. Zeus, Russell Crowe’s character, is wielding a bolt of lightning in her hands. This reveals that the god of war, Zeus, is directly adjacent and engaged in the battle between Valkyrie and Gorr.

Gorr’s Death Will Be A Major Part Of Thor 4

Zeus’ proximity to Gorr in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer makes Russell Crowe’s character’s MCU death all the more likely, given that Crowe’s character is a target of the God Butcher.

Valkyrie could use one of Zeus’ lightning bolts to battle Gorr (likely in Olympus) in the Love & Thunder trailer, but none of the possible explanations offers much hope for his future. It’s possible that Valkyrie is using one of Zeus’ weapons to defend herself against Gorr. But she may also have taken up the lightning of the slain Greek god to avenge his death.

It’s always going to be a long shot for Zeus to survive Thor: Love and Thunder. When Gorr is linked to his death, it makes it more likely that he’ll be killed as well. Gorr’s death will be a major plot point for Thor: Love and Thunder, given Russell Crowe’s star power as well as Zeus’s immense clout. The MCU death of Zeus can help establish Gorr’s threat level as a God Butcher, so he has to get his hands on the title.

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