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MCU Fan Theory About Dr. Doom Appearing In Moon Knight Proved False

By Soniya Hinduja
January 21,2022

When Marvel Studios started marketing its upcoming Disney+ show Moon Knight, MCU fans made various assumptions surrounding Dr. Doom’s appearance in the series. But all those speculations fell short. Moon Knight is the show that kicks off Marvel’s year 2022 through a Disney+-exclusive series. Oscar Isaac is set to play the titular superhero. The man donning the horrifying mask is Marc Spector, addressed as Steven Grant in the Moon Knight official trailer.

Spector is a mercenary who unintentionally falls into the midst of dangerous situations. This is because he is struggling with Dissociative Identity Disorder. There was a specific shot in the recently released trailer that intrigued fans. As they believed to be an Easter Egg for the introduction of Dr. von Doom. The character is popular as the archenemy of the Fantastic Four.

Dr. Doom Reference In Moon Knight Trailer

In a prolonged shot in the Moon Knight trailer, we see a terrified Steven with a pistol in his hand as he drives a truck. The scene does not particularly display any activity that would serve as an explanation of what is going on. But behind Spector are stacks of boxes with labels beginning with “von D-”. Of course, the rest of the label is hidden. But keen fans noticed it regardless. And went on to further speculate it as a hint towards Dr. Victor von Doom’s appearance in the MCU series.

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So The Theory Of Dr. Doom In Moon Knight Is Wrong?

doctor doom

Doctor Doom Fan Art

However, this theory was soon thrown off. Because the scene that followed revealed the label in its entirety, although a little out of focus. As it appears, the “von D-”, stands for von Darrelman, an in-universe confectionary company. Meaning the label was never really a clue for von Doom’s role in the Moon Knight series. With that said, considering the trailer never clarified the fact, there was no link between the boxes and the infamous scientist and sorcerer anyway. It would have been unthinkable for Dr. Doom to have moved his business into haulage or some other legitimate goods service.

Regardless of the fact, it was not entirely baseless of fans to believe that Dr. Doom could appear in the forthcoming Disney+ series. This is about the character’s journey in the Marvel Comics universe. It is true that von Doom is not the main villain in Marc Spector’s story. But the two characters have come face-to-face in more than one instance in the comics. This includes a major confrontation in the Latverian embassy.

Previous Fan Speculations Surrounding WandaVision

scarlet witch

Scarlet witch

This latest speculation is merely a peek into Marvel fans’ active outlook regarding finding the tiniest clues in upcoming Disney+ shows and MCU movies. For instance, before WandaVision’s premiere on the streaming network, fans theorized Mephisto as the show’s main villain. Which is why, as the show kept progressing, fans constantly pointed out any suspicious characters in Westview and hoped for them to be Mephisto.

Not only that, the aerospace engineer seen in a couple of WandaVision episodes, also heavily suggested to be Mr. Fantastic. But because things did not play out that way, it left curious fans disappointed. Furthermore, when viewers saw William Hurt’s Thaddeus Ross in Black Widow, they were certain that the MCU was finally bringing in the Red Hulk.

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Marvel Fans And The Tradition Of Leaving Easter Eggs

All the instances point towards one question. How is it that fans strongly hold on to these fluttering references? Marvel is a franchise that has made a habit of leaving around Easter Eggs in their movies for fans to uncover ever since Phase 1. So what began as a token of acknowledgement for comics fans soon turned to be a signature move for the franchise. Plot twists and references are what keep Marvel fans on the edge of their seats. If it has worked well in the past few decades, it is sure to keep working.

In fact, fans only expect it that way. Mainly because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is reaching new heights. And now, almost anything is possible. Meaning, if Disney+ introduced Kang the Conqueror (or his variant) in Loki, then it is totally possible for Dr. von Doom to make his way into the MCU through Moon Knight. As Marvel continues to explore the concept of the Multiverse, fans are rooting on to the introduction of some of their favorite characters and storylines. Needless to say, they are not going to stop anytime soon.

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