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MCU Finally Agrees They Took The Manhood From Hulk

By Sumit Sahu
September 2,2022

She-Hulk Episode 3 is out. If you haven’t watched it yet, then it is better you watch it first before reading this post. SPOILER ALERT!!!

The Media Rants On She-Hulk Episode 3

Man Ranting in She-Hulk Episode 3

Man Ranting in She-Hulk Episode 3

After few minutes of the episode, we get to see news channels covering She-Hulk, who is the trend of their city at the moment. While the media rants were giving mixed reviews on the existence of She-Hulk, few people were sharing their concerns through social media about She-Hulk’s existence.

It is then when a man said, “First, they took the manhood away from Hulk, and then now they gave it to a woman!” 

This is the first time MCU agreed on screen that Bruce Banner’s Hulk has lost his manhood and is not the kind of Avenger they know from the past.

She-Hulk Living Under The Shadow Of Her Cousin

Tatiana Maslany As She-Venom

Jennifer Walters- She-Hulk

She-Hulk said in the previous episodes, that she has to go by her cousin’s name, and is failing to create her own identity. And, it is not a bad thing because, Hulk had a bad reputation among the public for his rage and destruction. People used to call him a monster, which he is not!

And that is what encourages people to compare Jennifer Walters to Bruce Banner, because she is the better version of Hulk they have witnessed. While some people are appreciating her to be the face of Superhero law division, others are criticising her for having no skills, but just superpowers to be in that position.

In the first episode itself, Jennifer said, “I never have to turn into Hulk again, which means I was right and Bruce was wrong.” 

But immediately after that, Jennifer had to be the Hulk for saving the court from Titania. Hence, she must have believed that she was wrong and Bruce was right about her being the Hulk.

We cannot say that She-Hulk is completely under the shadow of Bruce Banner’s Hulk, because she doesn’t want to be. But the situations will keep bringing her back to Bruce at all times because his experience will help her avoid the mistakes that he did.

It is because of Bruce Banner’s control and transformation over Hulk that has given Jennifer a reputation among the society and general public. Bruce’s connection with Avengers is what has helped live a normal life even after disclosing her identity.

It is because we know what military did to Bruce Banner for capturing and testing Hulk and the power he possesses. There is nothing as such with Jennifer so far.

But, as per the closing scene of She-Hulk episode 3, we might just see some rogue villains trying to do it for misusing Jen’s blood.

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