MCU Has Planned The Perfect Future For Deadpool And Venom

Marvel Studios has planned out the perfect MCU future for the two heroes who were initially not part of the line up- Venom and Deadpool.

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 2,2021
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Marvel Studios has planned out the perfect MCU future for the two heroes who were initially not part of the line up- Venom and Deadpool. These two Marvel characters first got their start in solo films made by Sony and Fox, respectively. However, these anti-heroes have become fan-favorite Marvel characters on the big screen despite not being connected to the broader MCU.

Now, thanks to the Disney-Fox merger, Deadpool is all set to become an MCU character. But how will the characters introduced in his movies fit in the MCU? That remains to be seen. Also, there’s still a question mark over Venom’s inclusion in the MCU. Although the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage has given an opening.

So fans have been wondering how these two characters could fit in the already expansive shared universe. The answer might lie in a Thunderbolts movie that’s entering the development stage.

The Deadpool And Venom Situation

Deadpool and Venom
Deadpool and Venom

Now, the MCU is known for being a comprehensive, consistent, and ever-growing franchise. Fans love the fact that it is interconnected across not just movies but TV shows as well.

Venom and Deadpool have succeeded in thriving outside of this shared universe. They are outliers to the MCU formula because other studios owned their theatrical rights.

Fans will know that Sony had the rights to Venom and 20th Century Fox had the rights to Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool was R-rated, funny, and a bit different from the usual MCU movies.

As such, it immediately captured the audiences’ consciousness in 2016 when it was released. This was also the very same year that Tom Hardy’s Venom debuted in a solo movie.

Deadpool in the MCU
Deadpool in the MCU

Both of these characters are now in the MCU. As expected, the futures of these two characters in the MCU have been a hotly debated topic.

After all, on the one hand, there’s Deadpool’s R-rated nature, and on the other hand, there’s Venom’s rapid tone. These are departures from the standard MCU movies we get.

As such, this could mean that the MCU could face challenges while incorporating them into its shared universe. Deadpool 3 is on the horizon in the short term, and as for Venom, a Spider-Man crossover seems to be brewing.

However, we don’t know what Marvel will do with these characters afterward. But a Thunderbolts movie could help with that. They can join a team of anti-heroes, villains, and mercenaries, allowing them to become pretty permanent fixtures of the MCU. And it all makes sense as well.

Why Does A Thunderbolts Movie Make Sense For Deadpool And Venom?

Marvel's Thunderbolts with Venom and Deadpool
Marvel’s Thunderbolts with Venom and Deadpool

Know that there are several iterations of the Thunderbolts in the Marvel comics, but Deadpool and Venom were on the team together for some time. During this era, Red Hulk was the leader, whereas Flash Thompson was the host for Venom. He was known as Agent Venom and worked with Punisher, Deadpool, Elektra, and Red Hulk.

So a version of this specific team lineup could be used in the MCU. But the comics are not the only reason Venom, and Deadpool’s MCU futures should be tied to the Thunderbolts.

First of all, none of them are villains. But they are also not candidates for a future Avengers lineup. So they are in a peculiar position. But Thunderbolts can solve this issue by bringing several Marvel anti-hero characters together.

Now, how will Marvel Studios incorporate Deadpool and Venom as part of the Thunderbolts? That’s pretty easy to accomplish. After all, right now, there’s no way to tell how Deadpool 3 will treat the character in the MCU.

Deadpool 2 with Domino and Cable
Deadpool 2 with Domino and Cable

But, Deadpool’s last movie saw him be a part of the X-Force and work with characters like Domino and Cable. Now that he has successfully experienced working together in a team, he will know how to navigate a new universe.

And this is why Thunderbolts might appeal to the Merc with a Mouth. Meanwhile, everything is pointing to the fact that Spider-Man and Venom will be meeting in the MCU. However, Eddie Brock will need to do something more than just antagonizing Peter Parker.

Now, Eddie might not have the kind of military training that Flash Thompson had in the comics when Agent Venom. But Venom’s love for violence could finally allow him to feel at home with the Thunderbolts completely.

If Venom and Deadpool join the Thunderbolts, fans will undoubtedly be excited and enjoy their comedic timing together. Also, they will be two wildcards for the team leader. And as such, no one will know what they will do next. So now, we will have to wait for Marvel to finally confirm the Thunderbolts movie and its lineup in the MCU.

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