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MCU Illuminati & Professor X Link Explains Who Arrests Doctor Strange

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 14,2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness “Big Game” trailer teases the MCU Illuminati’s debut in the film. This new trailer suggests that the classic team of Marvel’s leading heroes will be reuniting. Here, their original purpose from the comics has been expanded to include the entire multiverse. This is all thanks to Patrick Stewart’s appearance as Professor X from the X-Men franchise. After manipulating the multiverse, it appears as though they’ll be bringing Doctor Strange in for questioning.

The Super Bowl Trailer Has A Lot To Disclose

According to the Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer, the multiverse that Stephen Strange appears to be responsible for will be facing new threats and dangers. A new hero named America Chavez joins Wanda Maximoff and Wong as the current Sorcerer Supreme. Furthermore, it appears that Strange is trying to close the multiverse’s Pandora’s Box. As of now, Strange’s “desecration of the multiverse will not go unpunished,” according to Karl Mordo.

Similarly, after Mordo’s ominous remarks, Strange is restrained and escorted by drones that look eerily like Ultron. The Illuminati may have summoned Strange to face a tribunal that includes Professor X, Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of the character. From Iron Man to Namor to Black Bolt to Black Panther, the comics’ most famous heroes have all been part of the secret gathering of superheroes.

Doctor Strange In The MCU Illuminati?

Patrick Stewart returns as Charles Xavier

Patrick Stewart returns as Charles Xavier

In the comics, Doctor Strange has also been a member of the Illuminati. However, it appears that Mordo is taking the place of Strange. According to what we’ve seen so far, the MCU’s version of this is going a step further and considering the entire multiverse when shaping and steering the Marvel Universe toward desired outcomes.

In the latest Doctor Strange trailer, Stephen is accompanied by what appear to be hybrid types of Ultron drones and the Iron Legion. These were previously used to assist the Avengers in crowd control and disaster relief efforts before being corrupted by the villainous Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In a chamber with several overlooking chairs, the audience isn’t shown who is ultimately seated in them aside from the voice of Patrick Stewart, a major tease for the fact that Professor Xavier from the X-Men is among this particular group.

When merged with the Iron Legion drones, it appears that Doctor Strange will be confronted by a live-action Illuminati organization. Based on Mordo’s comments during this section of the trailer, it would appear that he, like Strange, is either a member of the powerful council, or at the very least works for them. Strange’s crimes against the propriety of the multiverse are discussed in detail in the trailer.

The MCU Illuminati And Its Relevance In The Comics

The Illuminati

The Illuminati

The MCU Illuminati is a fictional organization created by Brian Michael Bendis for Marvel Comics in 2005. It was revealed to have survived in the shadows ever since the Kree-Skrull War came to Earth and nearly wiped out the entire planet.  These superheroes are regarded as the cornerstones of the superhero community. Furthermore, they gather in total secrecy from time to time to steer the world and keep it safe. Consequently, each of them brings something critical to the table.

The anti-hero mindset is represented by Namor, whose realm of Atlantis is represented by Iron Man. Namor also embodies the Avengers and the common man by not possessing any inherent powers. Black Bolt represents the Inhuman race as well as the perspectives of his subjects. It turns out, this is a role he has shared with fellow rulers Namor and Black Panther in the Marvel Universe. Also important is Reed Richards, who brings his background in advanced science and exploration to the table. Meanwhile, Professor Xavier represents mutant-kind. Last but not least, as the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange represents magicians in the Marvel Universe.

They believe that they have the culpability and the right to manipulate and shape events in secrecy in order to ensure the safety of the world. However, they frequently make difficult decisions that ultimately worsen the situation. For example, they may have unintentionally triggered a Skrull invasion. Likewise, they took the unilateral decision to exile the Hulk into space in order to put a stop to his rampages on Earth. Eventually, he returns as a ruthless ruler intent on retaliation (causing World War Hulk to spawn). However, that is only if they are able to maintain their unity. This, of course, is a tall order considering how they have experienced their fair share of division over the years.

Hyping The Illuminati Will Open More Opportunities For The MCU

The Iron Legion Captures Strange

The Iron Legion Captures Strange

This hyped Illuminati for Doctor Strange 2 is particularly interesting. This is so because they appear to be extremely focused on protecting the entire multiverse, as evidenced by Strange being punished for tampering with it. The Illuminati of comic books have engaged in a number of battles and conflicts with multiverse-threatening adversaries.

However, it is all in the name of protecting their own reality. This is so with all of the heroes hailing from the same parallel universe. With regard to this rumored MCU version, it appears likely that this clandestine group will consist of variants from other universes. These include Professor X from the X-Men universe or rumors of Tom Cruise playing a variant of Tony Stark. All of them will probably appear as significant multiverse cameos in Doctor Strange 2.

However, based on this new trailer, it appears that the MCU Illuminati will be more like the Watchers, such as Uatu from What If…? and Loki’s TVA. This, instead of being a secretive organization run by He Who Remains as previously stated in the trailer. In any case, the new footage for Doctor Strange 2 lends strong support to the theories of the Illuminati that made their debut in the MCU. This is so, albeit one that is committed to protecting all universes instead of just a particular one.

Thus, they may have chosen to sacrifice the MCU for the greater good of the greater multiverse. This possibly positioned them as the antagonists of the upcoming film. The sequel will release in theaters on May 6th, so fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

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