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MCU Spider-Man 4 Might Not Do The Symbiote Saga

Venom Vs Spider-Man Might Not Yet Happen In The MCU Spider-Man 4

By Amitabh Mukherji
November 14,2022

The upcoming Tom Holland Spider-Man film is still years away, since a new contract for the actor reportedly just got signed, according to a rumor. However, preparations for the next journey of Marvel Studios’ friendly neighborhood wall-crawler have been ongoing for years.
Many fans are hoping that the upcoming trilogy will follow the Spidey’s symbiote suit plot line, especially in light of the end-credit scene from No Way Home.

Venom Vs Spidey Will Still Take Some Time

Venom Vs Spider-Man

Venom Vs Spider-Man

In light of recent developments about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4, a new report suggests that Venom’s MCU future may be put on hold.

Since Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, left a tiny amount of the alien substance behind at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans are eager to see what might transpire in Spider-Man 4.

With Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Marvel Studios originally intended to gradually work up to a black suit arc. However, their views have shifted significantly after Venom by Sony Pictures came out in 2018, so much so that the symbiote won’t even be a factor in Holland’s upcoming trilogy.

According to insiders, Marvel had big plans for Tom Holland’s Spidey films to gradually progress toward the symbiote suit, but Sony launching their own Venom franchise caused a lot of problems.

Although the plot for the Symbiote suit has begun to emerge, Spider-Man 4 won’t truly revolve around the black suit since Marvel is reserving it for a movie further down the line.

Avengers: Secret Wars

Tom Holland Black Suit

Tom Holland Black Suit

As a fan, I believe that Holland’s Peter Parker should receive his black suit during the events of Avengers: Secret Wars, just as he did in the comics.

Let the symbiote suit linger in the shadows until Avengers: Secret Wars; it would be the ideal scenario for all the diehard comic-book fans.

Fans are ready to see what an MCU black suit storyline would look like, but I think Marvel Studios is taking its time with this one.

Getting Spidey back on screen, out of high school, and in a setting where they can build on the strong foundation provided by the Jon Watts trilogy is all that is necessary right now.

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