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MCU Theory: Spider-Man New Suit’s Heartbreaking Backstory Explained

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 14,2022

In No Way Home, Tom Holland’s hero was not only a commemoration of two decades of Peter Parker films but also a transitional picture for him. Peter Parker commands Doctor Strange to use his memory manipulation spell in order to stabilize the unstable Multiverse. While Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have returned to their universes, the world has forgotten about Peter Parker.

From Zendaya’s MJ to Jon Favreau’s Happy, the Queens native is seen as nothing more than a stranger. When Ned, played by Jacob Batalon, walks into the Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop, he doesn’t give a handshake to his best friend, Peter.

Peter Parker’s life is restarted with this hard reset. Getting a fresh start means making new friends, moving into a new place, and getting a new wardrobe, starting with an entirely new suit. A new theory suggests that Peter’s new connections may have arisen out of necessity rather than choice.

The Tragic Origins Of Spider-Man’s New Suit


Peter Parker has incorporated seamstresses to his list of talents since Doctor Strange cast a spell on him. With Tom Holland’s hero hopping out of his new apartment, the camera focuses on some red and blue threads on a sewing machine.

There, Spider-Man glides across snow-covered buildings before soaring above Rockefeller Center, giving fans a thriving money shot of his incredible new suit. While many assumed that Peter’s new costume was a way of saying “new clothes, new me,” he may have been forced to wear it.

Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy philanthropist, has designed all Spider-suits suits in the MCU, except for his homemade suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Whether it’s Jarvis, Friday, or Karen, the artificial intelligence interface will bear the Stark stamp.

Facial recognition scans were included with those AIs. He always heard “Welcome back, sir” as soon as Tony put on an Iron Man costume. When Tony’s technology was stolen, this was done to ensure that it would be absolutely worthless on the surface. In Homecoming, Peter’s first Stark suit was confined by the “training wheels protocol” because he didn’t have access beyond it.

Although Peter designed his suit, it was constructed using Stark technology. On top of that, Iron Spider’s nano-tech, which was created by the late Avenger, is incorporated into its upgrade.

As a result of No Way Home’s conclusion, Peter is no longer a part of the human world. His comic-inspired wardrobe, which includes everything from Captain America: Civil War threads to the most recent integrated suit, has no memory of its owner. Since there was no way to identify Peter in these outfits, the Midtown High student was forced to come up with a new design.

DIY Reliance Is Peter Parker’s Way Of life

Tom Holland As Spiderman

Tom Holland As Spiderman

Although this theory is just a hunch, it does provide a fascinating starting point for Peter Parker’s next trilogy.

As a result of Tom Holland’s portrayal of the web-slinger, many people have referred to him as “Iron Boy Junior.” Tony Stark indirectly influenced nearly every action that the young hero took prior to No Way Home. On top of that, many argued that Spidey’s suits were disguised as Iron Man armor because of their reliance on an internal AI system and intricate web options.

Spider-Man’s future may have no choice but to leave behind all Iron Man-related aspects of the past after No Way Home’s lack of mention of the character. This constant reminder of his past makes it difficult for Peter to move on. Peter has the opportunity to demonstrate this more than ever before.

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