MCU Theory: The Eternals Have Destroyed Celestials Across Galaxies

A Celestial has already been defeated by the Eternals in the MCU, according to this theory. So the question arises, in the MCU, have the

By Akshay Sharma
February 5,2022
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A Celestial has already been defeated by the Eternals in the MCU, according to this theory. So the question arises, in the MCU, have the Eternals ever killed a Celestial?

The MCU’s Celestials are difficult to take down, but did Ikaris and the rest of the Eternals take down a Celestial before they arrived to Earth? Eternals is the most comprehensive MCU project to date, spanning 7000 years.

Having wiped out the evil Deviants upon their arrival, the Eternals humbly helped humanity by, turning themselves into beloved mythical figures, developing the atomic bomb, and refusing to assist when Thanos wiped out half of the universe.

Gemma Chan’s Sersi goes on to tell us that the Eternals came from Olympia and were tasked by the Celestials with protecting new civilizations from Deviant threats. Eternals are not allowed to have any other influence on humanity’s future.

Of course, the Celestials made this story arc up to prepare the planet for the emergence, when a new Celestial will burst from the planet’s central core.

Deviants’ capacity to evolve led them down a path of destruction and death. It was  unfortunately the path they chose to survive.

The Eternals’ Might Be Savage Than We Think


A synthetic race called Eternals was formed by the Celestials in an attempt to right their own wrongs while also trying to defeat the Deviants, fostering a planet’s sentient life, and then watching over the planet as a new Celestial was born.

The Eternals’ memories are wiped clean after each Emergence, and they start moving on to the next new fertile world.

Sersi leads a team of Eternals to stop the rise of Tiamut. Is this the first time in MCU history that the Eternals have taken down a Celestial? It’s entirely feasible…

Many mysteries remain unanswered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been many theories as to the origin of Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings, which could have connections to the Eternals.

However, 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy is undoubtedly the biggest of the mysteries. When the Guardians first get along, they travel to Knowhere with the hope of making a quick buck off the mysterious orb that Star-Lord found on Morag.

The Collector, Benicio del Toro’s MCU hoarder, lives in Knowhere, a hollowed-out Celestial’s skull.

How Knowhere And Ego Connect With The Eternals


As Marvel’s live-action Celestials are revealed in greater detail, the more impressive this feat appears to be.. the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics, but even the Eternals bow down to Celestial rule (most of the time).

Regardless of how horrific the death of the Knowhere Celestial was, its head was severed from the rest of its body. Galactus, King of Symbiotes, Knull, and Gorr The God-Butcher, who Christian Bale will portray in Thor: Love & Thunder, are just a few of the Marvel villains who have now been linked to this mystery.

It’s also feasible that Knowhere died in the very same way as Ego, who claimed to be a Celestial, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s sequel. In light of the fact that Eternals’ Celestials look nothing like Kurt Russell (or even Ego’s blue brain), it’s possible that Star-father Lord’s doesn’t fall into the same category as Arishem and co.

No matter how long the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Knowhere mystery drags on, one thing is certain: whoever or whatever freed poor Celestial’s head is a powerful being (or beings).

Ego the living planet
Ego the living planet

It’s not clear if Ego was killed by the Guardians of the Galaxy when they defeated him. It’s impossible to imagine Rocket’s battery bomb causing any significant damage to him, given how quickly it was assembled.

Fortunately, Chloe Zhao’s 2021 MCU history lesson provides a much more complex method of turning a Celestial into cosmic dust – the Uni-Mind.

The Uni-Mind Is Full Of Mysteries And Power


Phastos had come up with an idea to combine the Eternals’ powers into one. The Eternals’ ability to regenerate is shut down by the special bracelets, resulting in an abundance of untapped cosmic energy that is funneled into a single member.

Additionally, the Uni-Mind can draw on the Celestial’s own power to give it a boost. Sersi can only transform Tiamut into a massive stone statue protruding half-way from the ocean by harnessing this concentrated source of energy.

Unexpectedly, the Uni-Mind holds promise that goes far beyond the psychotic treatment of Celestials. Due to her position as leader of the group and her firm belief in Ajak’s desire to keep Earth safe from the Emergence, Sersi was selected to receive the energy of the other Eternals by way of their collective Uni-Mind.

Sersi’s ability to change matter is boosted by the Uni-Mind, but how would that affect Ikaris, Thena, or Gilgamesh? Would Ikaris have extremely powerful laser beams from his eyes? Would Thena appear to have created a gigantic celestial-sized gold sword? Would Gilgamesh protrude the size of Arishem’s head in a fist? The Uni-destructive Mind’s potential is far greater than that of the Eternals final act.

This may provide some insight into how the Knowhere Celestial met its end. For whatever reason, the Eternals have been at odds with their Celestial Overlords for a long time.

This may explain why in Eternals, Phastos came up with the Uni-Mind to put things right. Rather than turning to stone, this time, the Uni-Mind power was channeled into one of the more attack-minded Eternals, and it will now carry Marvel Easter eggs for the rest of eternity.

In order to determine whether humanity should be spared from the memories of the Eternals, Arishem takes back Sersi forcefully because she led the Eternals in halting Earth’s Emergence of Tiamut. Along with her were Phastos and Kingo.

The rest of the Eternals are free to roam around. Would Arishem really let his Eternals get away with killing the Knowhere Celestial if he didn’t simply wipe their memories and send them to another Emergence after the Earth debacle?

Knowhere’s position in space may provide a clue. There is no doubt that the Eternals were not able to prevent the Emergence of the Knowhere Celestial from causing whatever damage it did, which means that – whatever the reason for killing it was – the group did not deviate from its primary directive.

If you’re a fan of the MCU, you might be wondering if the Uni-Mind has the power to take out a Celestial. After all, the difference between being frozen in stone and being killed is a significant one.

Eternals or, more precisely, Harry Styles addresses this issue as well. When it comes to the one thing that Eros is aware of, it’s that there are other Eternals who aren’t aware of the Arishem issue.

A massive Uni-Mind could have been created if Knowhere was the result of a battle between the Eternals and a Celestial, with Starfox and a host of others joining Ikaris’ team.