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MCU To Bring Anime-Style Animation In New Disney+ Projects

By Ishita Chatterjee
October 25,2021

MCU’s What If…? animated series was Marvel Studios’ first foray into animation. After the end of the first season, viewers were left wondering about the future of animation in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Season 1 of What If…? was really well received and fans, as well as critics, appreciated the quality of animation as well as the stories presented. And obviously, they wanted more.

After all, with the now faster-than-ever expanding MCU, it made sense that Marvel will try to incorporate more animated projects so that they can explore the worlds, concepts, etc., that can’t be done in live-action.

So, maybe we will get to know about more animated projects with Disney+ Day coming up soon. And for now, it’s confirmed that What If…? will return for another season.

However, that isn’t nearly enough. Thankfully, a new report has surfaced saying that Marvel is looking to adopt the anime-style of animation in their future projects.

Marvel Is Looking To Use Anime-Style Of Animation

What If...? Zombie Iron Man

What If…? Zombie Iron Man

The report says that there has been an uptick in recruitments for a couple of Marvel Animation Studios projects. They are all related to a pretty recent job posting that has an eye-catching job description.
It states:

“Who will be lead on the design and potentially the animation of key and hero FX for episodes… with a strong sense of design and graphic appeal.”

The position states that it is looking for designers who can bring “fresh and unexpected viewpoints to their work and workplace.” And also, they need to have a “strong knowledge of 2D animation principles with a familiarity of high-end anime 2DFX style.”

What Does This Job Listing Means For The MCUs Animated Projects?

Captain Marvel Vs Thor in What If

Captain Marvel Vs Thor in What If

This job listing was found with another recent job posting for an episodic and yet-to-be-announced Disney+ show. However, this isn’t any confirmation that the show is going to be based in the MCU. And there are no animated projects in development right now in the MCU.

However, it’s possible that Disney is looking to smartly invest in the anime-style of animation after the appreciation that Star Wars: Visions got. Also, it reached the anime-watching audience, and that helped expand Star Wars’ reach.

Star Wars Visions

Star Wars Visions

Disney worked with Japanese Studios like Production I.G, Trigger, Studio Colorido, Kinema Citrus, Kamikaze Douga, etc., on Star Wars: Visions. And if that job posting is anything to go by, then it isn’t afraid of embracing the various mediums to tell stories within the MCU in its other franchises.

Now, if the job posting is indeed for a project in the MCU, then it opens new possibilities for what it would mean. For one, it would mean that unlike Star Wars: Visions, which was a non-canon animated anthology, this project might have a chance to actually be canon in the MCU’s multiverse.

But we have to wait to get more information on the project. Thankfully, it’s possible that more will be announced during November 12th’s Disney+ Day.

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