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MCU What If Theory Debunked By Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 14,2022

Doctor Strange 2 will be released in just a few months, and Marvel Comics Universe fans can’t wait. According to reports, a slew of cameo appearances from various super-powered realities will appear in the Multiversal adventure; The movie is directed by Marvel veteran Sam Raimi. Professor X, Captain Carter, and a couple of different versions of Doctor Strange are among the characters featured in this collection, which is led by Patrick Stewart.

Among these is Strange Supreme, a character who some believe to be the version of Marvel’s good Doctor seen in the film What If…? The character made his television debut in the MCU animated series, which premiered last fall and served as one of the major characters of the alternative universe adventure.

Since it appears that Captain Carter will be making the transition from the animated world to the live-action world, it didn’t seem like a huge leap to assume that this new Strange was also from the streaming series. As events unfold, it is possible that this will not be the case.

What About Strange Supreme?

Defender Strange

Strange Supreme

Many people assumed that the new alternate version of Doctor Strange seen in the recently released Super Bowl trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was the same as that of Strange Supreme from the What If…? film, but this is not correct, according to the closed captions in the trailer.

The character’s name is revealed to be Sinister Strange in the character captions. This indicates that he is a completely new character who has not appeared in any previous MCU adventures.

Here Comes Sinister Strange

Sinister Strange

Sinister Strange MCU

Immediately upon seeing this new evil version of the Doctor Strange character for the first time in the immediate Multiverse of Madness trailer, fans immediately assumed it had to be the Strange Supreme from the film What If…? And, by virtue of his status as Strange Supreme, the character would be the first MCU character to make the transition from animated to live-action television production.

It appears that all of the hype may have been for naught after all. Isn’t it true that THIS isn’t THE variant of the character that fans were familiar with from What It Is…? This does not rule out the possibility that Strange Supreme will make an appearance in the film.

After all, Marvel Studios has already shown off a few versions of Benedict Cumberbatch’s iconic sorcerer. For this reason, there’s no reason to believe that another version won’t make it onto the roster. Captain Carter has already appeared to be confirmed as appearing in the film, so why not include another What If…? hero in the mix?

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