MCU's Eternals' Ending Made The Celestial Mystery More Terrifying
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MCU’s Eternals’ Ending Made The Celestial Mystery More Terrifying

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 23,2021

The Eternals expanded on the MCU’s version of the Celestials. However, the last battle only made one mystery of this universe scarier. This is about Celestial Knowhere.

Now, MCU hasn’t neglected the cosmic side of the franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange have already introduced and expanded the cosmic side of things. The MCU had introduced the Celestials as part of the origin story of the Infinity Stones. But these entities (except ego) didn’t have a significant role in the MCU till the Eternals arrived.

What Were The Eternals About?



Eternals, directed by Chlo√© Zhao, introduced the central team to the MCU fandom. They are an alien race made by Arishem, a celestial. The team was sent to earth centuries ago to protect it from the Deviants. These Eternals helped humanity progress. However, they weren’t permitted to interfere in humanity’s conflicts. And this included Thanos’ snap.

Now, the main story is centred on Sersi (Gemma Chan) and the team coming together to stop the Deviants as well as an event known as “The Emergence.” This was the main plot of the movie. However, the film thankfully took time to explore the Celestials more as well. But instead of getting a proper ending, the mystery of these entities was deepened even further.

The Defeat Of Tiamut



Apart from Arishem, who appears intermittently throughout the film, especially at the end, there’s another crucial Celestial present. Its name is Tiamut. We eventually find out in the movie that Arishem lied to the Eternals about their actual purpose. It turns out their main objective was to guide humanity till the necessary conditions for Tiamut’s birth were achieved.

However, most of the team, and significantly Sersi, grew attached to humanity. So they decided to stop Tiamut’s emergence since it would mean the destruction of the planet. The Eternals did succeed after an elaborate plan by Phastos that required combining all of their powers. So they stopped Tiamut at the end. However, this only ended up raising more questions about the defeat and the death of Celestial Knowhere.

The Scary Mystery Of Knowhere


Know that the first movie that addressed the existence of the Celestials along with Knowhere was Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, Knowhere isn’t a planet. It’s the decapitated head of a Celestial. It is here that years later, the Tivan group set up their mining operations to harvest the brain tissue, bone, and spinal fluid from it. The lack of rules and regulations made Knowhere a paradise for outlaws across the galaxy.

This is precisely where the Guardians of the Galaxy met The Collector. But till now, the MCU hasn’t explained what happened to Knowhere. But we do know that it takes a lot to kill a celestial, and the team struggled immensely to stop Tiamut. As such, this makes Knowhere’s death mysterious and scarier.



Transforming Tiamut into marble required the combined powers of the Eternals that Sersi had to channel. We need to remember that Tiamut was a defenceless being and emerging celestial. But it took so much energy to kill it. Only one hand and a part of his hand could be seen out of the ocean. To bring together all the powers of the Eternals, Phastos created bracelets through the orb that Ajak (and later Sersi) used to talk to Arishem.

Even then, there was a sizeable significant margin of error in their overall plan. So all this raises a question- who was powerful enough to kill someone like a Celestial? This is another question that MCU will have to answer after the events of the Eternals. And they will have to be clever with their answer after what it took the Eternals to stop Tiamut forever.

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