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MCU’s Gorr The God Butcher May Have Already Won Against Other Gods

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 4,2022

Thor: Love and Thunder does an excellent job of piquing interest without giving away too much of the plot. The film’s main antagonist, Gorr the God-Butcher, has yet to appear. As his name implies, he may be even more dangerous than Hela or Thanos. It’s possible, however, that he already has the title because he’s been killing gods and winning battles against them for a long time before this film.

While Gorr The God Butcher is a newcomer to the MCU, the existence of divine beings is not. The Celestials were the MCU’s first mention of powerful creatures other than Asgard. While it was never explained how the Celestial that created Knowhere was killed, it is possible that Gorr was responsible. His kind could live as long as Asgardians, if not longer, based on what he saw in the comics during the battle with the Symbiote God Knull. After he killed that Celestial, he may have been forced to take a hiatus or be so far into deep space that no one had seen any other gods, which is why he’s only just returned.

Featuring All Gods But Gorr



Even after they stopped Tiamut from being born, Arishem felt he had to judge Earth because he had no other choice. Eternals have a history of rebelling against their creator, and there are many more waiting to be born in other worlds. It’s possible that Gorr has drastically reduced the number of Celestials, making each new one vital to the species’ long-term survival. As a result, even a single birth could result in a large number of deaths.

In addition, Moon Knight features the Ennead. The first true gods in the MCU with no celestial or cosmic ties appear to be these creatures. It has resulted in an enormous amount of power, which has made them a serious threat. However, for reasons that remain a mystery, they chose not to interfere with the progress of humanity and instead deployed avatars to monitor the planet. Even though they didn’t give a reason, it’s possible they were afraid of Gorr because of what he’d done to others like them. Consequently, they have opted not to use their powers and have imprisoned those who acted out or attempted to defy the laws designed to protect them.

Solving MCU’s Mysteries

Thor Love and Thunder

MCU’s Gorr the God-Butcher is an evil character with a violent streak and no mercy in his heart. However, having him begin his rampage as soon as he debuts could diminish how intimidating he is. However, if he’s been doing this for centuries, he’ll be an expert assassin who knows exactly how to take out a god. In order to stop him, it would require people who have not been deities to come up with a novel solution.

If Gorr isn’t as bad as Hela or Thanos, it’ll be hard for Thor to summon the resources necessary to defeat him. Having a large body count before even meeting one of the last Asgardians, that level of intimidation is easily attainable. Many of the MCU’s cosmic mysteries would be solved if this were to happen. The fact that Gorr has been killing for so long without a break would show just how determined he is.

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