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Megan Barton-Hanson Ditches Her Top

By Alankar Nayak
January 8,2022

Megan Barton-Hanson, the Love Island star, bared all on Sunday night (December 26) when she took to Instagram Stories to broadcast a revealing clip following her breakup from ex-boyfriend and TOWIE star James Lock.

Megan, 27, filmed herself in the mirror with her hands shielding her bare bust, holding a champagne glass in one hand and her phone in the other while wearing only practically sheer underwear. The blonde beauty flaunted her hourglass body, silver-encrusted belly button, and beach blonde waves framing her face down to her shoulders. This came after Megan shared a screenshot of her Instagram troll messages following her breakup with James.

Megan Barton

“LOL, this from a woman!” wrote the reality star. ‘Why are we as women socialized to settle rather than be single?’ Another breakup’ As if it were a failure on my part. At 8 a.m. as well! Karen, have a coffee and F*** off. “Society has put so much pressure on women in their late twenties to be in a relationship.”I see so many women returning to terrible partners.” Also, I never verified being in a relationship, or when it would end… @jameslock, I merely slowed down with the cringe tale stuff.”

Megan and James have split two months after going public with their relationship in October. They called it quits a week after returning from a Christmas city break in New York when they struggled to connect. During their courtship, the former pair reportedly argued on multiple occasions, including at last month’s Gay Times Honours, where they made their first red carpet debut together. “Megan’s relationship with James hasn’t lasted despite her being hopeful after he surprised her during the early days of their dating,” an insider stated.

“James spent Thursday night partying with pals and thoroughly enjoying his single status once more.”

Source: Daily Star

Instagram: Megan Barton

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