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Megan Barton-Hanson Gets Down To A Tiny Black Bikini

By Alankar Nayak
December 29,2021

Megan Barton-Hanson looked stunning as she spent the day at a luxury spa, posing for pictures in a sleek bikini in front of a tranquil-looking pool, as the Love Island star documented her trip on Instagram.

Megan Barton

Megan posed in a black two-piece swimsuit with her blonde hair in loose waves. “The prettiest spa,” she captioned the photo. Another image provided a back shot, leaving nothing to the imagination as she moved away from the camera, displaying her toned figure. She showed off her lean figure for her fans just a few weeks after her recent breakup. Megan split from TOWIE star James Lock just two months after announcing their relationship.

She has also later acknowledged that she was humiliated at school. The Celebs Go Dating actress claimed on an episode of her podcast “You Come First” that she felt ashamed because of her critical peers, a feeling that reappeared during her stay on Love Island. “At school, I was horribly slut-shamed, and I carried a sense of shame around with me about it,” she claimed after being ‘given a hard time’ on the show for being a sex worker. That’s probably why I’m so outspoken now.”

“When I was younger, my pals felt I was embarrassed since I admitted to masturbating.” I’d never even masturbated before, so I’d have no idea what I’d be doing.” She went on to say that she feigned to be sexually experienced to impress an older man, adding, “I suppose I’ve been given this platform.” My aim was never to come out (on Love Island) and freely discuss sex and female pleasure.

“I suppose I was given a hard time in the villa for being a sex worker or having sex with two people on television when I was there.” “Now that I’m out, I’m truly coming into my own.” I’m pretty excited to talk about this. And I felt so much humiliation for years, which is why I’m so open about it now.”

Source: Daily Star

Instagram: Megan Barton

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