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Melissa Suffield Goes Topless For A Body-Positive Video

By Alankar Nayak
February 20,2022

Melissa Suffield of EastEnders undressed bare-chested for an inspiring video on Thursday, telling her followers to shine bright.’

The actress, 29, best known for her role as Lucy Beale in the soap, pulled off her T-shirt to show an array of vividly colored bras in favor of body positivity. Melissa took to Instagram to remind everyone that ‘you matter, and you are loved,’ before tossing her bra.

Melissa Suffield

The mother-of-one, who left Albert Square to raise her 23-month-old son, River, has been recording her family life through a series of positive social media posts. In the most recent video, she can be seen wearing a red-striped T-shirt before slipping it off to display her lacy bra.

Melissa Suffield

Melissa takes off her bra to reveal another vividly colored number as she goes through a variety of undergarments. She giggled and grinned throughout the video to The Rolling Stones She’s A Rainbow, before going topless and concealing her breasts with her hands. Along with the motivational video, she wrote:

‘She’s like a rainbow. Never let your rainbow go dull for ANYONE.

‘No matter what anyone says, does, how they make you feel – shine bright, take up room, because you are here, you matter, and you are loved ❤️

‘What’s your fave color for underwear?’

From 2004 to 2010, the actress was most recognized for her role as Lucy Beale in EastEnders. Melissa has written a lot of touching pieces about her experiences as a mother, as well as adjusting to her new body.

Melissa Suffield

Melissa, who describes herself as a proponent of body neutrality, is well-known for her candid posts.

Source: Daily Mail

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