Mena Massoud As Ezra Bridger? Actor’s Instagram Post Ignites Star Wars Rumours

Mena Massoud has sparked rumours that he has indeed been cast in an upcoming Star Wars project. The Aladdin actor could very well be bringing

By Kunal Sharma
March 19,2021
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Mena Massoud has sparked rumours that he has indeed been cast in an upcoming Star Wars project. The Aladdin actor could very well be bringing another classic character straight from animation to a live-action avatar. Want to know what character he is playing? Just scroll a bit below.

What Character Is Mena Massoud Playing? 

Mena Massoud could be playing Ezra Bridger in Star Wars. While he will still be staying in Disney, but this new character will be completely new from what he has played before.

There is something of a Star Wars renaissance happening on Disney+. After all, Lucasfilm has already brought a handful of their famous animated characters into the live-action world. Some prime examples of this are Bo-Katan Kryze as well as Ahsoka Tano. Both of these characters have shown up in season 2 of The Mandalorian with plans for future appearances in spin-offs. 

Mena Massoud As Ezra Bridger
Mena Massoud As Ezra Bridger

Now, there have been no rumours saying that Ezra will be coming to live-action. But Ahsoka name-dropping Thrawn could indicate that sooner or later he will be showing up and when he does there’s a lot of projects where he can simply come in. After all, there are a lot of projects that are seriously exploring the entire post-original time setting of the trilogy. 

Who Is Ezra Bridger? 

Ezra Bridger was first seen in Star Wars: Rebels. He is a Lothal orphan who became a Jedi and was the main character of the Rebels show (created by Dave Filoni) for Disney XD. He as well as his master called Kanan, as well as the other members of the Ghost team or Crew helped save the galaxy from Lothal. 

Ezra Bridger And Team In Star Wars Rebels
Ezra Bridger And Team In Star Wars Rebels

Even though the team worked as a little cell, but it became integral to the birth of the Rebellion. They even interacted with Mon Mothma. However, unlike others of the Crew, Ezra’s fate after Rebels was looking bleak. So after Ezra grew in popularity, Lucasfilm was supposedly looking at ways to reintroduce him properly in a Star Wars movie. 

Is Massoud Actually Playing Ezra Bridger?

With just one shirtless pic of himself beside a picture of Ezra Bridger on Instagram, Massoud has reignited speculations that Ezra is being introduced in the live-action Star Wars Universe. But you might say that a couple of pictures don’t mean anything. That’s true. However, his caption caught our attention a lot. After all, he used a line that has been used by Ezra from Rebels. 


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Know that Massoud isn’t the only actor who has expressed interest in playing Ezra. Previously, Rahul Kohli of The Haunting of Bly Manor started off rumours that he was playing Bridger. But after some time he admitted that he wasn’t actually cast, just that he was interested in playing the role. However even though he was just joking, it’s in fact true that Lucasfilm was looking for someone to play the role in a Star Wars project. So Kohli and Massoud could just be putting their names in the hat after getting to know this information. 

Mena Massoud As Alladin
Mena Massoud As Alladin

Now, the question is- will Ezra actually come to live-action? Then who will play him? There’s no answer to these questions right now. It’s also not confirmed by official sources that Massoud is indeed playing Bridger. So, it’s a wait and watch game till Lucasfilm actually introduces him.