Michelle Pfeiffer's Costume Regret: Did Batman Returns Fail Its Leading Lady?
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Michelle Pfeiffer’s Costume Regret: Did Batman Returns Fail Its Leading Lady?

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Discomfort With Her Superhero Costume In Batman Returns Is Revealed In A Past Interview

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 30,2023

Michelle Pfeiffer played the role of Catwoman in the 1992 movie Batman Returns, opposite Michael Keaton as Batman. Despite her acclaimed performance, Pfeiffer admitted in a past interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she didn’t like one thing about the movie: her superhero costume. She described it as the most uncomfortable costume she’s ever worn, and revealed that she had to be powdered down, helped inside, and vacuum-packed into the suit. The silicon-based finish for trademark shine and the claws also caused trouble for her, and the mask suffocated and choked her.

Pfeiffer expressed her dislike for the costume and said that she had no fond memories attached to it. In fact, she regretted wearing it and stated that it was the one thing she hated the most about the movie. She even burned the suits in a bonfire after filming was completed. Despite the discomfort, Pfeiffer’s performance was still impressive.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Interest In Returning As Catwoman

Michelle Pfeiffer

Although Tim Burton, the director of Batman Returns, did not come back for another sequel, Pfeiffer expressed her interest in reprising her role as Catwoman in a past interview. She said that it would depend on the context, but she would consider it. After Keaton’s Batman era ended, Christopher Nolan brought a new creative approach to the Batman series with his Dark Knight trilogy. Other actresses who played Catwoman in later Batman films include Anne Hathaway and Zoe Kravitz.

Even with a movie that grossed $266.8 million at the box office, actors and actresses can still have regrets about certain aspects of their performances. In Michelle Pfeiffer’s case, her discomfort with her costume in Batman Returns was a significant regret. However, her performance was still praised, and she even expressed interest in reprising her role in the future.