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Midnight Sons Can Replace Dark Avengers With Blade And Black Knight

By Prathamesh Athavale
January 27,2022

Black Knight and Blade are the two fresh characters the MCU has introduced through Eternals. The expansion of phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe covers both TV shows and movies, introducing a generation of characters and major events that will alter the course of the series. The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has admitted that future MCU narratives will delve into supernatural lore. The newly debuted Black Knight and Blade can set up The Midnight Sons, a team capable of replacing Dark Avengers.

In the movie, The Eternals, a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on Earth for thousands of years, reunite to battle the evil Deviants. Their decision not to interfere in human conflicts had made them part ways in the past. However, an apocalyptic event called the ‘the emergence’ makes them give their all to protect the planet they had cherished so far. Although the roles of Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) and Blade (Mahershala Ali) were minimal, they made their debut in the film.

Doctor Strange 2

Kit Harington as Dane Whitman’s Black Knight Gemma Chan as Sersi in Marvel’s Eternals

Dane Whitman appears at the beginning of the movie. His sole role is that of Sersi’s human boyfriend, her connection to the earth and humans. However, in the post-credits scene, the interaction between him and Blade became the center of attention. Blade asks Dane Whitman whether he is ready to wield the Ebony blade showing he will take on the role of Black Knight. During the voice cameo, Blade asks Dane, “Are you ready for that, Mr. Whitman?”.

Eternals’ Credits Scene Sets The Stage For Blade And Black Knight

Blade And Black Knight

With hints of Dane Whitman’s family history thrown in at different points throughout the movie, Eternals clarifies that Dane Whitman is no ordinary man. At the end of the movie, Dane was about to tell Sersi the truth about his family. However, he could not, as Arishem called Sersi back, along with Kingo and Phastos. Dane almost touches the Ebony Blade in the post-credits scene. This confirms that there will be more to see of Black Knight in upcoming movies.

It wasn’t immediately apparent who the mysterious voice that was speaking to Dane in the post-credit scene was. It was both a disappointment and a confusion for viewers to know it was Blade. This fact was confirmed by director, Chloe Zhao. Fans were really expecting Blade to have a grand debut. This voice cameo of his wasn’t exactly what they had hoped for. Blade and Dane’s interaction in Eternals has raised new mysteries. The movie did not shed any light on the connection between the two. With Blades’ future in the MCU set up, Black Knight and he can form a partnership to create the team of Midnight Sons, as a replacement for the Dark Avengers.

Evidence Of MCU Being Ready To Bring Midnight Sons In Phase 4

Midnight Sons

With the early Avengers lineup now all but gone, there has been quite a guesswork over their replacement in the MCU, the Midnight Sons being a good possibility. The Midnight Sons appeared first in Ghost Rider vol. 3 #28 in 1992. They are basically a bunch of characters with uncanny supernatural powers. Hellstrom, Jennifer Kale, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and a few other characters make up the squad in the comics. Midnight Sons has faced a variety of threats, such as Lilith and her associates, Zarathos, and even Blade, when he became Switchblade with help from a page from the Darkhold, which made him almost destroy his teammates.

There are enough clues pointing towards the debut of Midnight Sons. The MCU has already introduced some members at different points, and others are to catch up soon. Doctor Strange is the one who led them to the creation of Midnight Sons, according to the comics. In phase 4, Doctor Strange will play a key role, as the multiverse and its dangers will become a big part of the story. Blade is going to get his solo movie soon, along with that. Morbius is making his debut in Sony’s Spider-verse. The MCU Introducing Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night soon, is looking like a promising possibility. Making all these characters team-up is the perfect recipe for the debut of Midnight Sons.

Despite The Comics, Black Knight May End Up In The MCU‘s Midnight Sons

Kit Harrington as Black Knight

Kit Harington as Black Knight

Black Knight is not a Midnight Son in the comics. The MCU movies and TV shows borrow characters, and events from Marvel Comics, but they are not always keen on keeping them true to their source. There have been many characters introduced in this way since Phase 1. This opens up a possibility for Black Knight to make it onto the big screen with Midnight Sons. He has the potential for a dark-toned character. Ebony Blade of Black Knight has the power to corrupt its user, making him seek violence and chaos.

The Connection Between Black Knight, Blade And Other Midnight Sons Characters

Moon Knight and Blade

Moon Knight and Blade

Black Knight, Blade, and other Midnight Sons characters possess a common thread. They have supernatural powers, and four of them retain connections to vampires. (One of them doesn’t, according to comics, but the MCU can take care of that). Blade is already a distinguished vampire hunter, and Black Knight might follow the same path too. This possibility is not without proof. According to the producer of Eternals, Nate Moore, the characteristics of Ebony Blade “are not dissimilar to some degree of vampirism”.

Secondly, there is Moon Knight, a character who derived his powers from the Egyptian god Khonshu. Khonshu, the protector, and avenger of those who travel at night. He has an intense dislike towards the vampires, as night is their hunt-time. Then there is Morbius, who is a vampire himself. There are usually werewolves associated with vampires, and Werewolf by Night is no different, as he is a teammate of Blade.

Blade & Black Knight: What’s Next?



Even though the solo movie of Blade is due, there are chances of him appearing with Moon Knight. It can also include Dane Whitman, since Steven Grant and he are coworkers or were in the past, at the museum. The post-credit scene from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can feature Blade and Moon Knight. Blade and Black Knight could also appear in the MCU‘s Halloween Special, which will star Werewolf by Night in 2022 and is a plausible scenario for them to team up.

The post-credit scene in Eternals has opened a box of mysteries and unanswered questions. Hopefully, a few of the mysteries will unfold before the release of the Blade solo movie. Thanks to Midnight Sons. The MCU has an opportunity to shift the narrative towards supernatural and dark themes, and fans are eagerly waiting for it.


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