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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Gucci Gains In Sheer Underwear

By Alankar Nayak
November 1,2021

Miley Cyrus is bending over in skimpy panties to flaunt her Gucci earnings after admitting that fronting the pricey Italian label was a “mistake.” The 28-year-old singer, who just appeared in Interview Mag, has been ensuring her ambassador status with Gucci is prominently shown on her Instagram; however, it was more flesh than clothing in a recent post.

Last week, the “Prisoner” hitmaker tweeted a particularly cheeky photo with her 150 million fans, and the comment was as amusing.

Gucci Wearing Her Coochie

673594 | Shutterstock

673594 | Shutterstock

Scroll down for the photo, which should be kept away from children. Miley had gone topless for Interview Mag in October and had continued with the idea, minus the chest flash. The former Hannah Montana star was photographed from behind and outside in the grass, leaning over a tree trunk and shoving her backside towards the camera.

Fans, however, saw more than just a tushie. Cyrus wore Gucci monogrammed and sheer black briefs, as well as a pair of woven monochromatic knee socks while showing off her back tattoo.

Facts Are Captioned


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Continue scrolling for the photo, which presently has over 2.7 million likes. Miley masked her face and posed with her booty on display, highlighting her slim form while being sophisticated. “@gucci on my coochie,” Cyrus captioned the photo, adding:

“SHE’S JUST BEING MILEY,” one fan said, while others left fire emoji – actress Vanessa Hudgens even stopped by to like it. After the snap, scroll down for more photographs.

Talking about Gucci’s ‘Mistake’

842284 | Shutterstock

842284 | Shutterstock

Miley will front Gucci’s fragrance campaigns in the fall of 2021, even though she only recently acknowledged that she thought being asked for the role was a mistake.

“Alessandro saw myself in this delicate, vulnerable, light, whimsical state that I couldn’t see,” she remarked of Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.

miley cyrus

“I was wearing these spectacles and a big Gucci hat and everything was black, and I told him, ‘You know, I always know when something is right for me, and I don’t think I’m the right person.’ I believe you made a mistake. I don’t believe I embody the Flora Fantasy. ‘I believe I’m overweight,’ says the author “She continued.

Come Out Of The Darkness

When asked about landing the Gucci Gardenia campaign in the midst of the pandemic, Cyrus took a glass half full approach, retracting the previous thought and continuing:

“There was so much gloom and so much heaviness, and it was right in the heart of the epidemic, protests, and politics.” The “Midnight Sky” hitmaker came to the following conclusion:

“It was particularly heavy since we were in the midst of presidential campaigning. The Flora Fantasy was a wonderful escape for me at the time, and I believe it will be for everyone.”

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