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Missing IG-11? Well, Season 2 Of The Mandalorian Has A Reference To The Beloved Character In Episode 4

By Kunal Sharma
November 24,2020

IG-11, a beloved character of the show, sacrificed its life in the last season’s finale needed some proper tribute, and this time it’s done so. The Mandalorian has its second season out, and episode 4 titled ‘The Siege’ refers to the droid, which will touch the viewer’s hearts. IG-11 was a nurse Robo or known as nurse droid, which was a part of the show from episode 1, and it was seen on the hunt for the child, like other characters.

The classical bot design with excellent voice acting from Taika Waititi made this character unforgettable. As the story went, the Din Djarin, who had his disputes and differences with droids, had to ally with the IG-11 for penetrating through enemy guards and defence. Although it was revealed that their bounty target was a little child and even then, IG-11 attempted to kill the Baby Yoda, and thus it was killed by Din Djarin before it could do so.


The story takes a turn when Din has to meet the IG-11 again, who is restructured by Kuiil, but now the droid is designed to aid the heroes instead of destroying or killing. This new version of IG-11 became a beloved character when it saved Baby Yoda from stormtroopers and, in the season finale, gave up its own life for saving the Din, the Baby, Greef Karga, and Cara Dune. Droid does so by self-destructing itself on a herd of stormtroopers. Now at this moment, there are no signs of imperial remnants, and in the end, Greef and Cara take responsibility for improving the state of Nevarro while Din searches for “The Siege.”


Nevarro has gone through a transformation when Din returns; he finds it warm, prosperous, filled with people, and relatively peaceful, which can be credited to the local marshal, the “Cara Dune.” Din has returned to meet Greef for a favour, but he finds out that their meeting spot, which used to be a bar, now has been turned into a school. At this moment, you can see the Easter egg referring to IG-11IG-11 as when Din walks into school with others; there comes a statue of late IG-11, paying tribute to a hero, placed in the main square.


This image can be noticed in the background and works as a sweet easter egg for the fans. IG-11 is the only character who had the privilege to see the guardian Din’s Face. Guardians have to put a helmet on their face since they’re a child, but IG-11 finds an exception to it. In the last episode of season 1, when our Mandalorian Din is injured, he needs to take off his helmet, but according to the rules, he can’t do so in front of a person.

IG-11 reminds him that he’s a machine instead of a living person and thus heals the bare face of Din with its bacta spray. “The Siege” also refers back to the unmasking moment as we get to see Din’s chin when his helmet is lifted a little while consuming some soup. The Baby Yoda, still being a child, is quite interested in seeing his guardian’s face.

Now when IG-11 is no more, there doesn’t seem to be any signals that it’ll be returning. Since the droid was destroyed entirely and with the tribute from the statue, IG-11 has made its place in the hearts of the audience and even the Din Djarin, who used to despise the droids as they had killed his parents. This is evident when he lets Peli Motto’s droids work on the Razor Crest and its repairing.