Mixed Reviews For Bird Box 2: Critics Share First Reactions To Netflix Sequel

Get Insights Into The Early Critical Reviews Of Bird Box 2, The Sequel To The Popular Netflix Film.

By Amitabh Mukherji
July 11,2023

Critics have weighed in on the highly anticipated sequel to Netflix’s hit film, Bird Box, titled Bird Box: Barcelona. While the original film garnered significant attention and popularity despite mixed critical reception, the reviews for its sequel have been less favorable. Bird Box: Barcelona shifts the post-apocalyptic action to a new cast of characters navigating a world where sight is forbidden. Although the film features accomplished Spanish-speaking actors, it fails to capture the essence of its predecessor, according to early critics’ reactions.

Mixed Reviews For Bird Box: Barcelona

Bird Box

Bird Box: Barcelona has received its first critical reviews, resulting in a score of 57% on Rotten Tomatoes. Most reviews range from four to six out of ten, expressing disappointment in the unnecessary nature of the sequel and its failure to capture the essence that made the original film resonate with audiences. Critics highlight the film’s departure from what made its predecessor interesting, with IndieWire’s Kate Erbland stating that Bird Box: Barcelona has strayed too far and become a distant memory. Matthew Shaffer from SlashFilm criticizes the film’s transparent attempt at sequelization, failing to create a compelling narrative.

Some Positive Aspects, But Overall Disappointing

While the majority of reviews are critical, some critics acknowledge certain positive elements of Bird Box: Barcelona. David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter praises the film for its technical accomplishment, strong performances, unsettling atmosphere, and watchability. Ian Sandwell from Digital Spy goes a step further, stating that the sequel is better overall than its predecessor.

The Potential Worth Of Bird Box 2

Bird Box

Given the early critical reception, it seems that Bird Box: Barcelona may not be worth watching for subscribers seeking a satisfying sequel. However, it’s important to note that the original Bird Box also faced mixed reviews from critics but went on to become the biggest Netflix film of all time and garnered high viewership. Therefore, the sequel’s success on the platform cannot be discounted solely based on critical opinions. While Sandra Bullock’s performance in the first film was highly praised, her absence in Bird Box: Barcelona raises concerns about the lack of standout performances.


Bird Box: Barcelona

Initial reviews of Bird Box: Barcelona reveal a mixed reception from critics, with disappointment in its departure from the original film’s appeal. While some positive aspects are acknowledged, the sequel’s overall reception suggests it may not live up to the expectations set by its predecessor. Despite this, the success of the original film demonstrates that critical opinions do not always dictate the popularity and viewership of a Netflix film. Bird Box: Barcelona will be available for streaming on Netflix starting July 14.