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Mohamed Diab Confirms Moon Knight Has Broken An MCU Record

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 23,2022

Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 content will begin in 2022 with Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, which will premiere on Disney+. MCU newcomer will be one of the most unique characters in MCU history in a series that appears to make its own unique mark on the growing narrative. Some of the filming have already been shown to fans, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Post-production on the series began nearly a year ago and lasted through most of 2021, when the supernatural story needed additional effects and post-production work was added. The Egyptian gods and a clip showing demons emerging from the ground have already given fans a taste of how crazy this series will be.

Moon Knight’s filming was hampered by the same delays as other MCU projects. However, the show’s early 2022 release date was not affected. In fact, the show’s director claimed that Moon Knight had a distinct advantage over its Marvel Studios counterparts because of how smoothly things went.

Director Speaks On Rehearsals And Reshoots

Mohamed Diab

Mohamed Diab

At Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight virtual press conference, director Mohamed Diab revealed that the series set a new record for filming.

Although Mohamed Diab was praising the show’s creative team, he noted that Moon Knight set a new record for “having the least additional photography” in Marvel Studios’ history. According to Diab, the low number of reshoots on this MCU project was due to the cast and crew rehearsing the material so thoroughly ahead of time:

Diab: “I have to thank Marvel for giving us the chance to play… I think [Marvel producer Grant Curtis] gave us the chance to develop this show, when you gave us the chance to have those table reads. Everyone who’s sitting here added his soul to that project. And I have to say that we hold the record of having the least additional photography in the history of Marvel, because we rehearsed a lot.”

Stars Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke gushed about how easy it was to work with Mohamed Diab, saying they would talk about their projects together and on their own:

Isaac: “Even when we were shooting, we’d sit around a table and have like a Sunday Brunch…”

Hawke: “And we’d all just talk about the episodes. We’d talk about the show… ‘What would that mean? Would that be more interesting?’ And it brought our collective imagination into one thing. And that made it easier, when we’d be directed by you vs. you, it was always part of the same team. The same imaginative force behind it was the same.”

A Job Well Done By Moon Knight

Moon Knight in Marvel comics

Moon Knight

For every major film or television show, there is an allowance for reshooting material due to human error. Despite the fact that these teams are some of the best in the industry, this is still the case. Because of the MCU’s lengthy production schedule (although the Moon Knight team had no issues with it), this also applies there.

Even before their roles in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Isaac and Hawke had a lot of experience working on high-profile Hollywood projects. It’s encouraging to see how quickly and efficiently they worked on the Moon Knight set given the high level of interest this series has generated.

In the wake of award-winning shows like WandaVision, which paved the way in 2022, Moon Knight is being hailed as one of Marvel’s best new projects. Isaac and Hawke’s on-screen MCU debuts have already been eagerly anticipated, and this news only serves to ratchet up the anticipation.

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