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Moon Knight Cameos: Here’s Which MCU Character May Have Been Cut

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 7,2022

Several characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have made sense to appear in Moon Knight’s cameos, but Marvel Studios decided not to include them. Moon Knight continued to surprise viewers by not relying too heavily on MCU connections and characters. Throughout the series, the focus remained on the relationship between Marc Spector and Steven Grant, as well as their quest to stop Arthur Harrow. Moon Knight was able to give more depth to several new MCU characters thanks to this tighter focus, including Layla El-Faouly, who was transformed into Scarlet Scarab and became the second superhero to appear in the series.

Although many fans appreciated the absence of MCU characters, it has been confirmed that this was not always the plan. It was revealed by Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab that two major MCU cameos were originally planned for the series. While he didn’t go into specifics, he did say that the first and last scenes of Moon Knight were going to feature characters from the show. The two MCU cameos that Moon Knight had were cut by Marvel during the writing process. Because Marc/Steven and Arthur Harrow’s apartment aren’t the best places for MCU crossovers, this indicates that the series had two completely different opening and ending scenes.

Due to the lack of any official information, the two MCU characters who were almost included in Moon Knight are now a hot topic of discussion. Shang-Chi used Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner, while Hawkeye introduced Kingpin into the picture, in Phase 4, to prove that anyone can appear in any project at any time. This means that Moon Knight can use any of the MCU characters for these cameos, but some stand out more than others as potential candidates for the omitted MCU cameos. The Hulk and Mahershala Ali’s new Blade are the two characters who make the most sense. They could work, but for a variety of reasons. Other characters could also work, as well.

Is Moon Knight’s Hulk A Cameo Cut?

How Moon Knight's Premiere Sets Up Hulk's Cameo

For a Marvel Comics character to appear in Moon Knight’s first scene, it might be possible to use a cut Hulk cameo. After Mark Ruffalo and Oscar Isaac were spotted filming together in the same location, speculation grew that Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner character would appear in the series. The appearance of Hulk in Moon Knight by Marvel Studios could have been a way to show that Bruce Banner, like Marc Spector, has dissociative identity disorder. Bruce Banner’s Hulk identity has been linked to DID in the comics, but this hasn’t been established in the MCU yet. Marc or Steven could have opened Moon Knight by asking Bruce Banner about being a superhero with DID. With Moon Knight’s Hulk cameo, the show might have been able to address Marc and Steven’s mental health issues right from the start, which could reduce the likelihood that viewers will be perplexed by what happens in the first few episodes.

Is Moon Knight’s Blade A Cameo Cut?

Blade Moon Knight

Mahershala Ali’s Blade cameo may have also been cut into the Moon Knight finale. As evidenced by Eternals’ post-credits scene, Marvel Studios is gradually introducing the vampire hunter to the larger universe in Phase 4. As a result, it wouldn’t have been out of the question to see or hear Blade again at the end of Moon Knight. It would make sense for Blade to reach out to Moon Knight or have a past relationship with the Moon Knight mantle, as Moon Knight deals with supernatural elements. Additionally, a Blade appearance in Moon Knight could have laid the groundwork for Moon Knight’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If he’s somehow linked to Blade, it opens the door to the two of them working together in the future, whether in Blade’s solo film or a Midnight Sons-style project.

Who else from the MCU could have appeared in Moon Knight?

Agatha Harkness, Blade And Moon Knight

Even if Hulk and Blade do not make an appearance in Moon Knight’s MCU cameo, there are a number of other intriguing possibilities. Werewolf by Night was rumoured to make a cameo appearance, so he could have shown Moon Knight in action at the beginning or teased his next mission at the end. Sharon Carter/Power Broker was also expected to make an appearance, according to rumours. This season has made it more difficult to see how Sharon would have fit into Moon Knight, but it’s possible that a new opening or closing scene was set in Madripoor and Sharon appeared in it.

The cut cameos could have included anyone from Doctor Strange or Daredevil to Kang the Conqueror or Gorr the God Butcher. As they investigate the mystical events taking place in Egypt, Doctor Strange or Wong would have fit the bill, while Daredevil could have been used to tease Moon Knight’s future. It’s possible that Gorr was originally intended to appear in the ending of Moon Knight to tease the villain’s role in Thor: Love and Thunder because of Kang’s past as an Egyptian ruler.

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