Could Moon Knight Be The Key To Defeat Kang For Good?
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Could Moon Knight Be The Key To Defeat Kang For Good?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 28,2021

Moon Knight #3 is now available in print and digital formats. As revealed in the comic issue, Marvel suggests that Moon Knight may hold the secret to finally destroying Kang. Several recent events in both Moon Knight and the larger MCU have disclosed that Khonshu, the character’s patron god, has had a number of champions throughout history. In return, these champions have a twisted up and complex history with Kang the Conqueror. So much that one that could lead to his decimation.

Khonshu was the patron deity of people who traveled at night in Egyptian mythology. However, in contemporary times, as shown in Marvel comics, Khonshu selected mercenary Marc Spector to be his titleholder. The crime-fighter Moon Knight was one among the many alternative identities that Spector created for himself. Last year, he made an appearance in Avengers. There, the relationship between Spector and Khonshu underwent a dramatic transformation.

Everyone is dissatisfied with Moon Knight

Moon Knight And Kang

Spector has strayed away from Khonshu. Irrespective of that, he continues to pay homage to his old patron god via his Midnight Mission. However, not everyone is pleased with Moon Knight’s professional route, Hunter’s Moon being just one of those who are dissatisfied. This new Fist of Khonshu battles against Moon Knight, exposing the origins of the god’s champions in the process. Alessandro Cappuccio created the artwork for this issue. It was colored by Rachelle Rosenberg, while Cory Petit provided the lettering for the issue.

Hunter’s Moon is dissatisfied with Moon Knight and the direction that he has chosen in his life. The character serves to remind him of the former fists of Khonshu, a bloodline that dates back to ancient Egypt. Hunter’s Moon also stated that, as one of Khonshu’s champions, Moon Knight ought to have accessibility to the memories of all others who came preceding him. These also include their combat skills and knowledge about their adversaries.

How does this signal possible disaster for Kang?

Kang the Conqueror #2 finds the young Kang traveling back in time to ancient Egypt. Here he meets Ravonna Renslayer, the Fist of Khonshu for her era. The character is seen wearing an outfit that looks eerily similar to Moon Knight’s. Kang is still a child at the time. His heart is still pure, with no trace of the tyrant he would become. Moon Knight should be able to get access to Renslayer’s memories of Kang, which should include knowledge on how to vanquish him.

Moreover, Kang spent a significant amount of time in that period, serving both as the Scarlet Centurion and as the pharaoh Rama-Tut. If the champions of Khonshu following Renslayer remained in Egypt, there would be additional opportunities for confrontations between Khonshu’s fists and some version of Kang, which would provide Moon Knight with furthermore knowledge about the villain. As an alternative, Kang may possibly inquire of Moon Knight as to what happened to Renslayer, whom he had fallen in love with and lost to Rama-Tut.

Moon Knight in Marvel comics

Moon Knight in Marvel comics

Readers learned that Moon Knight is far from the only Fist of Khonshu—there have indeed been many more, back as far as ancient history—and that this provides him with an advantage in his battle against Kang the Conqueror.

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