Moon Knight Could Introduce Mahershala Ali’s Blade For MCU Phase 5

Introducing new characters before their films has become standard practice for Marvel. Moon Knight is the ideal place for the MCU to establish Mahershala Ali’s

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 3,2021
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Introducing new characters before their films has become standard practice for Marvel. Moon Knight is the ideal place for the MCU to establish Mahershala Ali’s Blade in preparation for Phase 5. The Moon Knight series will make its Disney+ debut in 2022, according to current plans. As a lesser-known member of the MCU, Marc Spector could prove problematic, but his relationship with Blade gives him some intrigue.

Midnight Sons and Blade

Moon Knight may be known only to comic book aficionados. However, many older Marvel fans will recognize Blade from Wesley Snipes’ Blade trilogy. This is true even if they weren’t aware that he was a Marvel character. When the Daywalker was born, his mother was bitten by a vampire while giving birth, and she became a part-vampire. The specifics of his abilities change throughout the comics and various adaptations. However, he is always a skilled fighter who despises vampires and goes on the hunt for them.

Mahershala Ali will be MCU's Blade
Mahershala Ali

Even though Blade’s release date and plot have yet to be announced, Mahershala Ali Blade’s first appearance in Moon Knight could easily set up a future for both characters. It will also open the door for other characters to team up with them in the future. When Blade first appeared in the pages of “The Tomb of Dracula” comic in 1973, he was part of the Midnight Sons super team. Moon Knight and Blade served on the Midnight Sons in the “Damnation” comic series that ran in 2018. Thanks to this, the Midnight Sons and Blade will be introduced to Marc Spector’s story in an interesting way

Why does Moon knight’s early introduction matter?

The MCU, on the other hand, has a simple way to naturally introduce Blade to Moon Knight. Doctor Strange was a well-known character in the Midnight Sons series. In a similar way to how Nick Fury recruited the Avengers, Strange could serve as a recruiter for the team when they first enter the MCU. Some plot devices have already been introduced that could help establish Blade in the Midnight Sons as part of the MCU.

Midnight Massacre

During “Midnight Massacre,” one of the Midnight Sons’ storylines, Blade is affected by a page of the Darkhold, Wanda’s spell tome from WandaVision.There is a lot of logic in introducing the Midnight Sons as part of the overall plan for the MCU. The post-credits scene for Venom: Let There Be Carnage showed Venom being transported into the MCU timeline. Meanwhile, the trailer for Morbius suggests that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe will see a complete crossover with the MCU with Michael Keaton’s Vulture appearing.

Sony Villians

Morbius was an important character in the Midnight Sons from the start. This is why bringing in Moon Knight to help set up Blade would help the Sony-Marvel crossover continue. The roster for the Midnight Sons has a large number of characters who have appeared in the MCU previously. However, they have been de-canonized before the multiverse was opened. This opens the door for the MCU to reintroduce or reboot these characters.

It is possible that Marvel could resurrect Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider films from Sony. However, this is only if they use Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider as a central character. Similar to Punisher and Iron Fist, the Midnight Sons could reintroduce them using Blade and Moon Knight as a springboard.