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Moon Knight Develops A Major Challenge For Thor’s Next Villain

By Akshay Sharma
April 4,2022

Marvel Studio’s new miniseries Moon Knight introduces gods from an entirely new culture to the cinematic universe, that is, Egyptian gods, collectively known as the Ennead. This has in turn led to the creation of a unique scenario in the MCU along with the upcoming movie, Thor: Love and Thunder.

The episode begins with Steven Grant, a museum gift shop employee when he discovers that he has been living a second life in his sleep. The viewers know that in reality, Grant is the alter of Marc Spector, struggling with Dissociative Identity Disorder. The latter is also the chosen avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu and holds the power of the Moon Knight. Even though Steven remains unaware of all this himself, the fact that he works in a museum of Egyptian artifacts alludes to the inextricable ties he maintains with his other identities.

Khonshu and The Ennead

Khonshu and The Ennead in Moon Knight

In the Marvel Universe, the term, “god” has remained fairly ambiguous after numerous debates due to the nature of the Asgardians. While they were perceived as gods initially, many have come to recognize them as an alien race possessing great power and technology. However, after the airing of the first episode of Moon Knight, the writers of the show might have to come up with a clearer explanation after all. The term is called into question in light of Gorr the God Bitcher (played by Christian Bale) entering the scene, a new villain whose sole purpose as his name indicates is to kill gods. Furthermore, actor Russel Crowe has been officially declared as the Greek God Zeus in the Thor sequel thus a clash is expected between him and the antagonist.

Christian Bale to star in ‘Thor 4’

Christian Bale to star in ‘Thor 4’

According to the comics, Gorr’s personal mission is to kill all gods in his universe since his prayers were heard and ignored by them. Thus, he will be defining who does and does not count as a God. An obvious alternative method to determine who is a god could have been studying who was worshipped by the people however since some of the Eternals were worshipped too this is not a viable option.

Despite the lack of Oscar Isaac’s character about the Moon Knight and his god, it is evident that both he and the fans will learn more about his character over the next few episodes. The twist that could potentially be brought in with the Ennead from Moon Knight is the crossing over of Gorr into their world. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes of the series will shed more light on the matter especially with the forthcoming debut of the God killing villain in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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