Moon Knight Disney+ Teaser Exposes A Terrifying Villain To Enter The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding rapidly. And now, the franchise’s potential is at its maximum, as the two-time Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali is finally stepping into the role of Blade. Possibly with a cameo in the upcoming Moon Knight. In addition to that, likely, Ghost Rider is also being introduced into the MCU with his film or show.

Not only this, reports are stating the development of a project featuring Werewolf by Night, which is currently in the works. The fearsome role will be played by Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. The recent Disney+ Day was a massive success for Marvel Studios. Exclusive new footage from Moon Knight was finally shown to the audiences. And with that, we caught a tiny glimpse at the hero’s costume.

The clip also introduced the actor Oscar Issac in his fantastic performance as Marc Spector and one of his other personalities. However, there was another Easter Egg hidden within the trailer. If you look close enough, you can spot something tall, dark, and terrifying that could be a menacing villain on a hunt for Spector. And we have taken it upon ourselves to figure out what exactly it is. 

So, could it be a werewolf or some other creature entirely?

Things That Lurk In The Dark Of The Night

The Moon Knight sizzle reel teases a creature that is tremendously eerie and looks convincingly inhuman. The beast has Oscar Isaac cowering in fright on the museum floor. It’s the same Egyptian exhibit that his character of Marc Spector is seen strolling in.

According to the way it is placed at the room entrance, this creature appears to be standing at least six feet tall. The beast has creepy eyes that glow and has unnaturally long flailing arms. It also seems to have a narrow waist, broad shoulders, and an elongated neck, making it look more otherworldly and ghastly. 

Moon Knight Creature Marc Spector Hiding

The stance makes it appear as if the creature is looking for something or someone in the room. It is safe to assume that it is Spector because we see him scared and hiding as he holds his breath, hoping the creature does not find him. 

Additionally, yet another creepy creature is seen dragging May Calamawy’s character away into a dark cave. Its arm around her looks blackened, which could perhaps mean they are decayed. And it wears a golden arm bracelet.

May Calamway’s Moon Knight Creature

Comparing the length of the creature’s arm clutching Calamawy with the one looking for Spector, we can tell that the latter is not as long, which means there are two different monsters in the show. The question that arises now is this. What kind of monsters are these creatures? And what business do they have with Moon Knight? 

Is The Shadow Real Or Just A Delusion?

There is a high possibility that Marvel fans might get to sneak a peek at a werewolf sooner than expected. Following the comic book arc, Moon Knight has had a skirmish on more than one occasion with Jack Russell, the original Werewolf by Night. This also includes his first introduction to issue #32 of “Werewolf by Night” in 1975.

Moon Knight “Werewolf by Night” (1972) — Issue #32

Reports regarding the actor being cast for the role have only now surfaced. But Marvel likely made the decision way before the news came out. So it is probable that actor Gael Garcia Bernal shot his scenes during additional shooting for Moon Knight.

Yet another canine-related possibility for this shadowy ghostly creature is Anubis. Also known as a servant of the Egyptian god of the dead. While his existence has not been bothersome Moon Knight in the comics, that could easily change in the MCU.

Anubis Moon Knight “Moon Knight” (2016) — Issue #10

This theory is supported by a concise description available for the show. It states how Marc Spector and his multiple personalities will “find themselves thrust into a deadly war of the gods against the backdrop of modern and ancient Egypt.”

Although, the possibility inclines more towards whatever thing it is that is grabbing May Calamawy. That creature is probably related to Anubis instead due to the dark rotten skin and the golden bracelet. As for the museum, the whole scenario is likely playing out in Marc’s head. His unmoving reflection indicates this in the mirror. 

Konshu – The Egyptian Deity

There is a possibility that this creature, and whatever form that it’s taken is something conjured by Marc’s spiraling mind. And it is his deteriorating mental health is that is creating these delusions. The entire scene with Marc wandering in the museum and later being terrified could be some nightmare brought on by Khonshu, the Egyptian deity who supposedly brought him back to life.

Proper Form Khonshu Moon Knight “Moon Knight” (2014) — Issue #15

The original comics would show Konshu time and again trying to terrorize Spector. To subdue him, Konshu would take on different forms, sometimes that of a slain enemy, other times his ancient proper form. This would make Spector scared, thus more loyal towards Konshu. As for the clipping that shows this particular scene, viewers can spot Spector looking up at a statue for a tiny fraction of a second. This could be Khonshu himself.

All of this leads us to believe that we are already seeing Khonshu exhausting Spector’s mental capacity and the level of his resistance by ruling over his addled mind. However, audiences will only find out what this creature is when Moon Knight premieres. The show is working towards its Disney+ in 2022.