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Moon Knight Easter Egg: Next Thanos Origin Could Be Teased In Show

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 22,2022

Moon Knight has done a great job portraying characters and stories that have been almost entirely absent from the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite this, fans will notice small nods to the MCU throughout the show. Even more deadly than Thanos, the MCU’s next big villain could be hinted at in a Moon Knight Easter egg that may hint at a larger plot.

When Marc Spector went to Egypt to halt Arthur Harrow from exhuming the tomb of the goddess Ammit, the episode was titled “The Friendly Type.” In typical MCU style, he encountered some of Harrow’s followers and got into a rooftop brawl with them. A New Rockstars video analysis revealed that one of these thugs was wearing a jacket with the Rama-Tut symbol — an alias for Kang the Conqueror. It’s not clear why Kang would want to rule over this period of history.

The Consequences Of The Great Rift

The Ennead


The Egyptian Gods may have banished Khonshu because of Kang’s actions, and this could be one of the reasons why. However, it was noted that while the Gods did have avatars, they did not actively influence the flow of time or Earth’s population. Only Khonshu had the ability to use his avatar as a weapon, thanks to his acquisition of Moon Knight armor. Assuming Rama-Tut has any bearing on this decision, it could allude to a scene in Season 1, Episode 1, “The Goldfish Problem,” in which one of Steven Grant’s textbooks mentions the “Great Rift” between humanity and the Egyptian Gods.

It’s hard to believe that the Ennead don’t have the power to change everything around them, but they do. This is why Kang’s presence in Ancient Egypt makes sense, as he would have to remove them from the board at their peak. Not doing so would allow them to stop any and all of his plans to conquer the multiverse if he did not comply. This supposed Great Rift could therefore be the work of Rama-Tut in order to eliminate his most formidable adversaries without so much as lifting a finger.

Setting Up The Next Villain

Kang and Thanos


It’s possible that Kang could have been influential enough to move between Gods and humans but not become an actual avatar, since he’s known to accumulate power in any time period he’s in. This would shield him from the knowledge of the other gods as he plotted the Great Rift. The result would be the same, regardless of how they went about it: no divine interference on Earth. After that, he could enter at any point because no one would be able to stop him. No one could control Kang even if Ammit tried; he’d had centuries to prepare for her possible return.

It’s a credit to Moon Knight’s creative team that they’ve been able to let fans explore this new part of the MCU without interfering in any significant way. He may not even have to show up if Rama-Tut’s presence has been confirmed. Also, his rise to power and eventual conquest of all of the time could be explained by his affiliation with Moon Knight. To deal with him or warn others of his plans, only Khonshu and Marc Spector would have the information they needed. This sounds like the perfect Moon Knight easter egg setup for the MCU’s next great villain

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