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Moon Knight Ending Teased By Actor Oscar Isaac

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 27,2022

Moon Knight, the first Marvel Studios 2022 production set to air on Disney+, is currently in post-production. For its more mature tone and unique take on mental health, the show has already won over many of its critics. Oscar Isaac in particular, has received high praise for his portrayal of Moon Knight, a character who has been diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder.

Additionally, Moon Knight is set to explore Egyptian mythology, with the titular character’s powers coming from his connection to the Moon God, Khonshu. Because of this, it’s still unclear how closely connected Moon Knight will be to the overall story in the MCU.

Character arcs in previous Disney+ series like WandaVision and Hawkeye have been expanded upon, but Moon Knight is the origin story of a newcomer to the MCU. Will the show come to a conclusion in such a way that a future Marvel crossover is possible? In a recent interview, Oscar Isaac shared his thoughts on the matter.

Oscar Isaac on Moon Knight’s Ending

Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac

While speaking with GamesRadar, Oscar Isaac revealed some details about Moon Knight’s end, as well as its future.

According to Isaac, when he was asked about the show, he explained that the show tries to “map out the journey of integration” of one’s mentality and experiences. According to Isaac, this is where his character’s “real strength” will come from in the end:

“I wouldn’t want to spoil anything, but what I can say is that what we really tried to do is map out the journey of integration and then how that is a step in healing from trauma, and that the real superpower that this character, or these characters, have is their experiences. And when those things can be integrated, as opposed to pushed away, that’s where real strength comes from.”

The actor said that he didn’t know “how that character operates in that world,” when asked about Moon Knight’s future in the MCU.

“I didn’t look at my contract [laughs]. I mean, I don’t know. For me, it’s such a point of view character that seeing him in something that was a bigger point of view, I don’t know how that character operates in that world.”

According to Isaac, as a member of the “supernatural Avengers,” aka the Midnight Sons, Moon Knight has a unique place in comic book history:

“I mean, maybe. Obviously, there’s the Midnight Sons comic book, which is the kind of supernatural Avengers with Blade and Ghost Rider and Punisher. The idea is really interesting, but it would have to be like, is there something interesting to tell about this character in that world?”

What will happen to Moon Knight in the future?

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Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s first episode has yet to air, so speculation about the character’s future is premature. However, as with everything in the MCU, there is a purpose.

In light of the show’s apparent focus on the struggle between Isaac’s dual personalities, Isaac’s assertion that the series will end with a journey toward “integration” makes sense. The door is still open as to where the character will go next.

According to actor Ethan Hawke, the first season of Moon Knight could be viewed as a limited series. However, there’s still room for a second one. The MCU still has plenty of room for Moon Knight, even if there isn’t a second season.

In the wake of Blade’s arrival in the MCU, Midnight Sons has a lot of potential. Marvel Studios now has access to the Punisher character once more, thanks to Disney+’s acquisition of the Netflix series. Several of the puzzle pieces have already been put in place for a Midnight Sons-style Avengers team. This, of course, is only if Marvel so chooses.

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