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Moon Knight Has One Additional Power In The MCU

By Prathamesh Athavale
February 6,2022

A trailer for the upcoming series showed Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in the role of Moon Knight. This is one of Marvel Studios‘ most anticipated shows coming to Disney+. The trailer showed major changes to the Cowled Avenger and his superpowers. As well as changing his powers, the trailer also established Steven Grant as the lead character: the audience gets to see the show through his perspective, rather than Marc Spector’s. The latest information reveals one new superpower that Moon Knight does not possess in the comics.

Moon Knight Has the Ability To See Prophetic Visions


Oscar Issac

Earlier this week, The Cosmic Circus found an article from Disney Latino giving fans a closer look at the upcoming Disney+ show, Moon Knight. The article described in one section how Khonshu will grant one magic power to Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector, which should be familiar to comic book fans. The Moon’s phases will influence Moon Knight’s “strength, resistance, and reflexes” just like they did during his time as a member of the West Coast Avengers.

“The influence of the Moon, according to its phases, increases its strength, resistance and reflexes against enemy attacks.”

Nevertheless, the most intriguing detail is the Crescent Crusader‘s new powers, which enable him to “see the future in profound visions”.

“One of his outstanding abilities is to have prophetic visions about future events.”

True Power Or Khonshu’s Trickery?


Khonshu Moon Knight

Though Moon Knight’s strength, agility, and prophecies have long been familiar to comic book fans – he still shows no signs of having “prophetic visions. “In theory, it would suit thematically the character to have visions of the future, but he couldn’t tell whether they were his. Another speculation would be that other people are responsible for this clairvoyance.

In the comics, Khonshu does not seem to be a benevolent god to Marc Spector, since he often manipulates him to accomplish his own ends by having Spector act against his morals to appease his thirst for blood and vengeance. The Egyptian God could easily lie to Marc to further control him by claiming Marc has the power to see into the future.

When Moon Knight debuts on Disney+ on March 30, 2022, fans will learn more about how his new powers work.

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