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Moon Knight Post-Credits Scene Surprises Explained

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 9,2022

With the Disney+ premiere of Moon Knight’s sixth and final episode, Marvel Studios has completed its first full Disney+ project for 2022. Prior to the release of Doctor Strange 2 in theaters and the internet going wild, this conclusion ensured that the show had its own time in the spotlight. It’s a classic MCU post-credits scene that gives fans something new to analyze while they wait for Moon Knight’s next MCU outings to begin.

Marvel’s use of so many new Disney+ scenes in the post-credits scenes since January 2021 has resulted in a mixed bag of results for Phase 4’s post-credits scenes. Although some of them have truly set up the MCU’s expansive future, as WandaVision did with Elizabeth Olsen’s evolving Scarlet Witch, others have kept things much closer to the ground, as Hawkeye did with Rogers: The Musical.

As the first MCU Disney+ series to put a new character in the lead role, Moon Knight is in a unique position. Marc Spector, who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, is a particularly interesting case in point. A preview of Marvel’s sixth streaming series gives viewers an idea of the lengths the studio went to create something truly shocking.

The Post-Credits Scene of Moon Knight Explained



The post-credits scene from Episode 6 finally revealed Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector’s Jake Lockley persona, which Marvel spoke with members of the Moon Knight crew and cast about.

In this scene, Jake is always lurking but never fully visible, according to cinematographer Gregory Middleton. They did this on purpose to prolong the reveal ahead of its official debut:

“When we did the shot in the bingo room, as [Jake] comes in, we filmed it so you sort of almost see him — but then you don’t. Then his hands come in. Even his hand gestures are kind of sinister, and as he goes away, we push the camera through into the glass. You can’t quite see him, it’s all deliberately to stretch it out. If you were worried or hoping for Jake, hopefully, you’re cheering and pounding the whole way through.”

Oscar Isaac, the film’s star and executive producer, injected his own personality into the role rather than merely “paying service to some idea” lifted from the comics. To tease “the kind of control that he has” in the wake of Marc and Steven’s chaotic relationship, the actor decided that his one line of dialog should be spoken in Spanish.

“I saw an opportunity to bring something of myself to it that’s not just trying to pay service to some idea that was in the comics. The thought of, ‘He’s just going to have the one line that he speaks, it should be in Spanish.’ There’s something that’s ominous about him, the kind of control that he has versus, you know, both Marc and Steven that have been so off foot. It just feels like it was just a really fun chance to let the instinct of, after having played these two guys, imagining what else could be in there and the excitement of shooting that scene.”

It was revealed that Mohammed Diab adores the idea of Jake being Latino, even noting that while pushing Arthur Harrow’s wheelchair through the hospital, the character is heard singing the Guatemalan hymn “Alma Mater.” The director made a point of pointing out how distinct this character was from Marc, hinting at what’s to come:

“I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with the third completely different character with a completely different background.”

According to consulting producer Sarah Go her, Isaac’s Jake persona is both frightening and “such a stylish Jake” when it is revealed. He is “so real and palpable” in her words, and she teased that Jake’s fans and viewers will be excited to see where he goes in the future:

“The moment that Oscar comes out as Jake — he’s scary. But he’s such a stylish Jake. It’s like if [you met him, you’d] be like, ‘wow, so you’re Jake Lockley,’ in a way that you’re kind of enamored and scared at the same time. Oscar just knows how to extract the most amazing things, and helps create a character that’s so real and so palpable. Wherever he takes Jake, we’re all going to follow.”

Jeremy Slater, Moon Knight’s head writer and executive producer, teased that a second viewing would reveal more about Jake being right there the whole time, saying that this idea “was always the goal:”

“The second time you watch it, everything neatly slots into place. Hopefully, you realize some of these mysteries were right in front of your eyes the whole time. That was always the goal and the ambition.”

Moon Knight Finally Arrives with Jake Lockley

New Moon Knight Promo Art Reveals The Heritage Of The Protagonist

All through Season 1 of Moon Knight, there has always been a nagging feeling that there was someone else in the protagonist’s body besides Marc Spector and Steven Grant. In the post-credits scene from Episode 6, Jake Lockley, one of the character’s most well-known personas from the comics, finally appears in full.

Before the end of the show, Oscar Isaac hinted at the possibility of Lockley’s introduction, which piqued the interest of both viewers and members of the production team. As more footage revealed a side to our hero that was more brutal than either of his two primary personalities on the show, interest grew in seeing him come to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jake Lockley’s role in Moon Knight’s complicated character’s future will be a major topic of discussion as the wait for a possible second season and the hero’s next appearance in the future begins.

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