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Moon Knight Trailer Officiates Ethan Hawke’s Mysterious Character In The MCU

By Soniya Hinduja
January 18,2022

Marvel Studios has a bunch of interesting titles slated for the year 2022. Moon Knight’s premiere on Disney+ will mark Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first grand outing. The series was developed by Umbrella Academy writer Jeremy Slater. And Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Diab has taken on the director’s responsibility. Moon Knight will also introduce Oscar Isaac into the MCU as the titular hero. He will star alongside Ethan Hawke’s mysterious villain. 

In November 2021, at Disney Plus Day, Marvel’s presentation included the first official teaser for Moon Knight. The trailer revealed Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector and his first Marvel costume. Now, a couple months later, Marvel has escalated the promotional outings for Moon Knight’s upcoming release. Also, Marvel Studios has let in several glimpses from the series to fuel the audience’s excitement.

Before the show’s official trailer release, Moon Knight’s MCU costume was perfectly displayed in a brief footage. On the other hand, news broke out suggesting the series will officially air on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.  

In the months leading up to its release, Marvel will disclose more details. For now, the latest official trailer for Moon Knight affirms one interesting detail from the most awaited Disney+ show.  

Ethan Hawke Plays A Mysterious Character In Marvel’s Moon Knight

Marvel Studios recently dropped the first official trailer for Moon Knight. And the trailer finally confirms the rumored identity of Ethan Hawke’s MCU character.

The teaser revealed that Ethan Hawke is playing Arthur Harrow. According to the original Marvel Comics, Arthur Harrow was a remarkable surgeon/scientist. But he secretly works for an organization called OMNIUM.

Moon Knight

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight trailer

Also, Harrow will act as one of the main villains getting in the way of Marc Spector’s Moon Knight. The scientist is the victim of a disease that has caused him facial disfigurement. And his arc sees him trying to find a cure for his fateful condition. 

Moon Knight

Arthur Harrow in Marvel Comics

However, there confirms that suggests that the show will follow the same narrative as the comics. So it is hard to say if Harrow will have the disease in the Disney+ show. 

Moon Knight

Arthur Hollow in Disney+ show Moon Knight

The full trailer can be seen below:

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Arthur Harrow vs. Moon Knight

According to rumors traveling earlier, Ethan Hawke’s character would appear as Moon Knight’s primary antagonist. However, Arthur Harrow does not have a major role in Marvel Comics. With that said, Marvel Studios is at total liberty to retcon Harrow’s character to incorporate him into the story. 

Several rumors in the past have pointed towards Hawke taking on the role of bigger Marvel villains. These names include the Sun King, and even Dracula. Which is why this confirmation of the actor playing Arthur Harrow is quite intriguing to Marvel fans. 

The Marvel Comics portrayed a gripping scenario for Arthur Harrow and Moon Knight’s first confrontation. There were zombified soldiers, and it was later disclosed that they were the scientist’s “test subjects” for his experiments. In the latest Moon Knight trailer, we see Hawke’s Harrow being followed by a group of loyal people. This could mean that humans will eventually turn out to be subjects for his horrifying experiences moving forward. 

Harrow is simply a genius. He does not possess any superhuman powers in the comics as well. However, the show could see him use his experiments to become stronger. This way, the show could allow his character to match the potential with that of Moon Knight. Making their encounter more thrilling. 

It is also important to recall the time when Hawke hinted at his appearance in Moon Knight. The actor revealed that he and Isaac are “fighting for good and evil” in the series. It is apparent from the comment that the two characters will have a one-on-one battle somewhere across the series. 

What Else Does Moon Knight Have In Store?

With that said, Moon Knight’s ultimate premiere will also shed light on whether, if fans will get to explore Harrow’s secret organization OMNIUM. Marvel eventually lays the premises for its introduction. Thus setting it up as a major villain for upcoming instalments. Otherwise, Marvel could simply incorporate them as the impending danger for Isaac’s vigilante towards the second half of the series. 

Ethan Hawke’s appearance as Arthur Harrow will definitely sound an alarm for Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. 

Moon Knight is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

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