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Moon Knight Trailer Revealed A New Marvel Supernatural Villain

By Muskan Singhal
March 21,2022

Marvel has already entered its new era and since 2020, it has been giving introducing some unthinkable and unimaginable ” Villains” capable of having amazing powers with them. This time a new creature has been introduced too.

On Disney+ Day 2021, Marvel’s new project “Moon Knight” was introduced where the first-ever look of it was shared on Youtube

As the first look reveals actor Oscar Isaac’s first look besides that a creepy villain has managed to catch some fans attention. Since then various theories have been made about it being some sort of werewolf or Anubis and so on. Considering its a movie with Egyptian background and the drama digest of it stated it to reflects the story of some kind of ancient Egyptian god rivalry some has said that villain is an Egyptian Gods rival or Egyptian God of dead but Marvel Studios has finally put an end to all the fans assumptions as they have finally given a proper look of the most talked “villain”.

Moon Knight

Another special trailer for Moon Knight was delivered that showed new film, including the Fist of Khonshu being pursued by a heavenly animal with prolonged appendages, toes, fingers, and sparkling eyes. in trailer one can see that Moon Knight is being attacked by this supernatural creature from behind when he takes a jump. Although from distance it is indeed looking like a werewolf but that’s the twist it’s not.

In fact, it is a husk that is dried up apparently and its ears and snout are the proof that it is in reality is a servant of Egyptian God “Anubis”.

closure look of “Moon Knight” villain creature

This creature can be seen in other scenes from the trailer where Oscar Isaac AKA moon Knight seems to be having a fight in an old, ruined bathroom. Although, the image isn’t clear but resemblance can be seen from the creature who attacked Moon Knight in the Rooftop scene from behind.

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