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Moon Knight’s Game Sets Him To Be Far Better Than Batman: Here’s Why

By Abraham George
February 7,2022

While both Moon Knight and Batman are MCU heroes, the MCU hero has a more compelling backstory and a variety of superior heroic skills. Numerous comic book readers are already aware that Bruce Wayne’s Batman is a multi-billionaire on a mission to rid Gotham City of its criminal underbelly.

He accomplishes this through the use of his substantial financial resources and years of combat experience. Bruce Wayne’s quest for vengeance for his parents’ murder has remained consistent throughout Batman’s numerous incarnations. Moon Knight’s story arc, on the other hand, is far more intriguing.

Moon Knight and Batman have a few superficial similarities, but they are two very different people with very different goals. They have a lot in common, but Moon Knight and Batman have a lot of things that make them different.

The Persona Of The Heroes

Moon Knight vs. The Batman Is The First Real Marvel vs. DC Battle Of 2022

Moon Knight vs. Batman Is The First Real Marvel vs. DC Battle Of 2022

Batman is frequently compared to Marvel’s Moon Knight, but the latter is a significantly superior character. Moon Knight, a masked vigilante played by Oscar Isaac, will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rather than being a simple story about an anonymous vigilante, Moon Knight’s origins are complicated by his battle with dissociative identity disorder and his fascination with ancient Egyptian gods.

Marc Spector, in stark contrast to the DC hero, begins his career as a mercenary and hired hitman.

The MCU’s Moon Knight shares a lot of visual similarities with Batman, but that’s about it. The Moon Knight persona was born as a result of his heroic sacrifice and resurrection by Khonshu’s moon god.

Along with his superhero persona, the Moon Knight trailer depicts Marc Spector as a disturbed character who continues to suffer from major depressive disorder and dissociative disorders, with two other personalities sharing his body.

Moon Knight’s Origin

Moon Knight 4

Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s character will be introduced in the new Disney+ show as Steve Grant, one of Marc Spector’s alter egos. Steve is described in the official show’s synopsis as “a mild-mannered gift-shop worker,” a significant departure from his role in the comic books.

To top everything off, the Egyptian god Khonshu endows Moon Knight with supernatural abilities such as foreshadowing the future and enhancing his power when the moon is full.

Marc Spector, a mercenary, was assassinated and resurrected by the Egyptian god Khonshu following fatal injuries sustained from fellow mercenary Raul Bushman. Due to the possibility that Khonshu does not exist, this event is all the more incredible. His supernatural abilities distinguish him from the Punisher, who takes a more conventional approach to crime fighting.

Marc Spector may be indestructible, as he continues to rise from the dead. In comparison to Batman, who relies solely on his wealth and fighting prowess to overcome obstacles and defeat adversaries, Marvel’s Thor possesses godlike abilities.

Moon Knight’s powers in the MCU are still unknown, and Marvel has a lot of options for this new show. Audiences have great expectations for Moon Knight, given Marvel’s history of intertwined plotlines and Moon Knight’s association with other superheroes in the comics.

Ethan Hawke‘s strange role as a new antagonist has already sparked a slew of fan theories. Not to mention that, as a result of Moon Knight’s violence, Marvel may be willing to reinstate other street-level heroes into their official MCU canon.

The Right To Kill

Moon Knight 4

Moon Knight battles it out

Only one of these vigilantes, either Moon Knight or Batman, is willing to kill his adversaries while upholding the rules at night. A “no killing” policy is a well-known Batman rule, as the character does not use guns.

This is a defining feature of the character, and one that has been questioned frequently in the DC universe. This rule, however, does not apply to Moon Knight.

Indeed, Moon Knight is responsible for some of the comics’ most brutal and gory deaths, and his most heinous deeds continue to terrify Marvel’s most heinous criminals.

Moon Knight, Marvel’s most bloodthirsty hero to date, will feature a complex and nuanced hero with qualities that clearly place him ahead of Batman in the MCU’s new Disney+ series.

Defining The Differences


Their Capes

Moon Knight in Marvel comics

Moon Knight

As a contrast to Batman’s black and gray armour, the Moon Knight’s is all white. Batman wears dark clothes to make people afraid, mysterious, and hide who he is.

A lot of people think he doesn’t exist at all. They think of him as a bat who fights crime in human form.

As a vigilante, Moon Knight stands out in the dark because of his white armour. He wants to keep people in his neighborhood safe. There are a lot of people who know about Moon Knight, but Batman likes to keep his identity a secret.

Their Avatars

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

There are many superheroes out there, but Batman has one of the most well-known stories in this genre. It was after he saw the death of his parents that Bruce Wayne took on the name Batman.

He was then able to protect other people from the pain he had been through. Marc Spector, better known as Moon Knight, has a very interesting past. Mercenary: He used to be one, but now he doesn’t do that any more.

Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God, raised Spector from the dead after he was killed by someone else.

Marc became an enforcer for Khonshu when he was brought back from the dead. When he learned new skills, he used them to take out the bad guys and end his life of unnecessary violence.

The Will To Kill

Moon Knight 4

Moon Knight battles it out

Moon Knight doesn’t think twice about killing people he thinks deserve to die, unlike Batman, who thinks it’s wrong. There is a lot of debate about whether or not Batman can kill people in a moral way, even though he has killed before.

A serial killer called Marc Spector was known as “Moon Knight,” but there were many other people who called him “Serial Killer.” When he took on the identity of Moon Knight, his views on killing changed.

He didn’t feel the need to stop killing people who were good. Marc Spector was less tolerant of extreme violence when he was Moon Knight, but when he was Batman, he was more tolerant of extreme violence.

Fight Styles


During a fight between Batman and Moon Knight, there are a lot of things to look for. Moon Knight fights with no holds barred.

A lot of people get hurt by Moon Knight. He doesn’t stop, using the environment around him as a weapon. That’s not to say that Batman isn’t very savage all the time. The most powerful punches from Batman will be out of the way, so he will be able to subdue and not risk any lives.

In order for Batman to fight, the only thing he can use are his hands. It’s one of Moon Knight’s favorite moves to pick up an object from the ground and use it to fight back against other people.

Dealing With Mental Issues

Moon Knight

In the past few years, Batman’s comics have talked about mental health issues. Moon Knight is the only superhero character in comic books who has had such a detailed study done on them.

Since Moon Knight first came out in 1975, he has talked about a lot of different things about mental health. Marc Spector has three different personas that he switches back and forth between in order to get information for his work as a superhero.

Moon Knight also has to deal with the conflict of personalities that often gets in the way of his work for Khonshu. It would be dishonest to show Moon Knight without talking about how he has had problems with his mental health.

Nightly Battles

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

The fact that Batman doesn’t have superhuman abilities doesn’t surprise anyone. Instead, Batman relies on his superior intellect and cutting-edge technology to fight crime.

This is why Moon Knight is so good at being a superhero: He has a unique set of magical abilities that make it easier for him to win. When it comes to superpowers, Moon Knight’s are unique because they only work at night, unlike those of most other superheroes.

When Moon Knight is awake, he has superhuman strength and endurance, which makes him a tough opponent for other superhumans to deal with. The Dark Knight Returns was a movie in which Batman used his gadgets and a lot of armor to fight Bane.


Moon knight

Moon Knight

It’s because Moon Knight is the guardian of Khonshu, the moon god, that he can’t die. Moon Knight is reincarnated by Khonshu as soon as he dies, whether by an enemy or because he gave his life to save someone else.

In the past, Moon Knight has been resurrected two times, because of how he came to be. When Grant Morrison wrote Final Crisis, Batman was a character who died a lot, most notably when Batman was killed by a car.

Marc Is Not A Genius

Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in Disney+ show Moon Knight

Marc Spector, on the other hand, is not known for being very smart. Batman is often seen as the strategic planner for the Justice League, coming up with battle plans and other options for the group.

In addition, unlike Moon Knight, Batman doesn’t just fight criminals in and around Gotham City’s neighborhoods at night. Batman doesn’t fight all night. Instead, he gathers evidence and tries to figure out who did certain things.

Dealing With People

May Calamway’s Moon Knight Creature

Some people say that Batman and the Moon Knight have very different mythologies. One of the most obvious differences is what kind of people they choose to be friends with.

Batman likes to work with a group of vigilantes called the Bat-Family. They are very careful and well-trained. Among Moon Knight’s most well-known hires are a mercenary named Frenchie and a homeless man named Crawley.

She and her two kids are also there to help him. He sets the bar a little higher when it comes to getting help from people.

Being An Anti-Hero



Werewolf by Night’s main enemy in Werewolf by Night#32 was Moon Knight at the start. Moon Knight went from being a bad guy to an anti-hero to a superhero in his own series after a few good plots.

The fact that Batman is morally ambiguous doesn’t mean he isn’t a superhero. His commitment to ending crime in Gotham and his deep concern for human life make him a superhero.