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Moon Knight’s Khonshu Explained Through Kang & Avengers Connections

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 20,2022

Moon Knight’s world has just been introduced to the public, and so far, everyone seems to be a fan. The first trailer for Oscar Isaac’s upcoming series has been released, and it offers plenty of tantalizing hints about what viewers can expect. But who is this maniacal vigilante in white, and how does Moon Knight’s Khonshu fit into the superhero universe?

Regarding that anti-hero, it’s none other than the Egyptian moon god at work. Marc Spector is given powers by the Khonshu, a being who goes by the name of Khonshu. There’s no telling what that might look like on the show yet. The Disney+ adaptation of this story is likely to differ significantly from the comics from which it is adapted.

Many, on the other hand, have no idea who or what this character is. Starting with Isaac’s new character, Khonshu is the best place to begin.

Who is the Moon Knight God?


Khonshu Moon Knight

An Egyptian moon god is clearly visible in this first footage from this new project. Oscar Isaac’s protagonist is standing in a long hallway when we see him. His iconic bird-skull head dominates the shot.

Khonshu is the Egyptian moon god according to Marvel Comics mythology. However, the origins of the being are a bit of a mystery. At least a million years before humans arrived on this planet, the moon god was already a god in the mythologies of its people––and thus an Elder God, according to one of the most powerful beings in all of fictional mythology.

Marc Spector’s archaeological site raid goes terribly wrong, and the mercenary’s spirit meets Khonshu in the present. His life is spared in exchange for a promise of a lifetime of service. The Moon Knight was born. To everyone’s delight, Spector fully inhabits the superhero persona that has been bestowed upon him. He defeated the likes of Conquer-Lord, Bushman, Midnight, and a slew of other villains with the help of the Egyptian god.

It’s not uncommon for stories about Marc’s mental health to cast doubt on Khonshu’s existence. This is especially true in one recent storyline, in which the Egyptian god creates an illusionary mental hospital for the hero. While Spector thinks this is an attempt to break Marc’s mind, the experience cures him of his insanity. Regarding Moon Knight’s role in Marvel’s current storyline, there is a connection between the character and Kang, the Conqueror.

Full Moon Viewed By Kang the Conqueror

Moon Knight And Kang

Moon Knight And Kang


West Coast Avengers get stranded in Ancient Egypt at some point in the convoluted storytelling that comic books are known for. As a result, Khonshu’s encounter with Rama-Tut—alternate Kang’s persona in the timeline—ended up being a success. Hawkeye slips into a fever dream while the Avengers are paralyzed on the ground of a temple, where he comes face-to-face with the Moon God. If the Archer aids him in defeating Rama-Tut, the being promises to return them to their own time.

What was it about him that made him so irate? In Ancient Egypt, as Rama-Tut, the time traveler could persuade the Egyptians to worship him and build statues of him in his honor, thus erasing their belief in the gods of their ancestors. Kang Variant is stopped before the group is yanked back in time by Dr. Strange and the Fantastic Four.

His time with the Avengers has given Moon Knight’s Khonshu a desire that only old comics could inspire: he now wants to know what it’s like to be a real Avenger.

Khonshu, the new member of the Avengers

Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame

The old god was eager to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes after witnessing their collaborative efforts in ancient Egypt. Because of this, it can’t just walk up to their front door and ring the ringer. However On the other hand––Moon Knight comes into play here. The god took up residence in the hero’s body to witness Marc’s time with the team firsthand. Damien Hellstorm, upon learning of Khonshu’s presence, persuades the moon god to leave.

A major event brought them back together, but in a completely different way than they’d expected. Apocalyptic dreams began to haunt both the god and Moon Knight, who had been assigned to watch over him. It was decided by Khonshu that Marc Spector would be best equipped to deal with this impending crisis by stealing the powers of the modern-day counterparts of the Stone Age Avengers.

With his newfound powers, Moon Knight kills Mephisto. As a result, the hero grants his Egyptian god newfound powers, which he then uses to conquer the entire world. To beat his old backseat passenger, Marc finally caves and steals a different power source: The Phoenix Force. As a result, the Avengers could defeat the god and restore the stolen powers to their rightful owners. Current comics depict the Egyptian god imprisoned in Asgard’s dungeons.

Khonshu’s Influence

So, what’s Moon Knight’s Khonshu’s motivation in all of this? Maybe he’s been around for a while, but Marc’s Dissociative Identity Disorder has left him in a state of amnesia, and he’s now trying to jolt him awake. It’s possible that Moon Knight’s Khonshu wants him to destroy other Egyptian entities, or even gods, that have appeared in the modern world. It’s been hinted at, and Spector is beating up an Anubis-like creature in the trailer.

Doctor Author Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke, is the villain in the film, and he appears to be a nobody in the comics. If Marc is influenced by Khonshu, then he is, too? This would be a departure from the source material, but it would fit perfectly with the above-mentioned plot and would make sense. Finally, fans will be able to see The Fists of Khonshu in full glory shortly.

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