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More Spider-Man Villains Speculated To Get Their Own Spin-Off

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 24,2021

Who could be these two Spider-Man villains? Spider-Man: No Way Home is a hot topic in the comic book movie fandom right now. As part of the Multiverse trilogy, Spider-Man movies from the past will be brought into the MCU as new threats.

The integration of these Spider-Man villains has raised some intriguing questions. These questions were made even more perplexing when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appeared at the end of Venom 2. There is more than one studio involved when it comes to dealing with the famous wall-crawler. Even as Sony still holds the film rights to the character and those associated with him, this is an occurrence.

Sony Villians

In contrast to Marvel Studios, Sony has been constructing a webhead universe of its own. This is done with Venom, Morbius, and Kraven the Hunter. The Sony Spider-Man Universe hasn’t received much attention from the studio since Kraven’s demise. However, it appears that this is only the beginning.

There’s a Sandman and a Rhino in the Future


It was revealed by a known insider on his Patreon account that Sony Pictures is currently working on Sandman and Rhino spin-off films as a part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Richtman posted:

“Sony developing Sandman and Rhino solo films”

Will Sony ever stop making Spidey villains for Spider-Man?

It appears that Sony Pictures has a strategy in place and is sticking to it. They are benefiting from Tom Holland’s Peter Parker’s participation in the MCU. Nonetheless, they also get a piece of the action by dipping into Spidey’s rogue gallery of enemies. The SSU’s efforts thus far have been financially successful, but they haven’t performed as well as they should have. However, since this is a business, the almighty dollar does have some weight.


However, one must wonder when Sony will see the light and realize this is a bad idea. No doubt about it, Venom is a big enough star to warrant his film. Venom and Eddie Brock’s solo movie makes sense because the Symbiote is nearly as popular as Spider-Man. It’s after that that things begin to go wrong. January’s Morbius will be a good indicator of how this is going to proceed. Fans of comics and cartoons are familiar with the vampiric anti-hero, but not everyone else.

To me, that’s exactly how a Rhino or Sandman movie would play out. Sandman’s character has a depth that could carry a movie. However, Rhino doesn’t exactly inspire confidence emotional resonance. Because of this, it might spell some problems. The SSU is starting to resemble Sony in 2012.

This is because of when plans for the Sinister Six, Aunt May, and Black Cat movies were just being set up in the Amazing Spider-Man series. They appear to get way ahead of themselves. Developing some of these movies merely for the sake of it will cause trouble later on.

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