Mortal Kombat 2: Production Update And Exciting Details Revealed!

Mortal Kombat 2 Production Is Officially Ramping Up, And We Have All The Latest Updates On The Video Game Movie Sequel.

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 18,2023

Following the success of the 2021 Mortal Kombat movie, the upcoming video game movie sequel, Mortal Kombat 2, is officially ramping up production. Director Simon McQuoid will return for the sequel, which aims to build on the success of its predecessor and continue to push theaters forward. Here’s what we know so far:

Production Schedule And Location

Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat 2 producer Todd Garner confirmed that the sequel will begin production in Australia, with filming happening from June to September 2023. Garner humorously shared his surprise about having an apartment set up in Australia on Twitter.

Script And Tone

Mortal Kombat 2

Warner Bros. hired Moon Knight Season 1 head writer Jeremy Slater to write the script for Mortal Kombat 2 in January 2022. In an interview with The Direct, Slater teased that the movie’s tone won’t necessarily be similar to the MCU, but he hopes to embrace the weirdness of the Mortal Kombat universe and give fans something unexpected.

Exciting Updates

Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon teased that he’s “reading exciting scripts!” for the live-action sequel. With names like Baraka, Johnny Cage, and Shao Kahn still waiting to appear alongside Lewis Tan’s Cole Young and Hiroyuki Sanada’s Scorpion, there’s plenty of work to be done to push this story forward in the best way possible.

Expectations For Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat 2 is still in pre-production, and the sequel doesn’t have a release date yet. However, hearing that the movie is prepping to shoot in Australia this summer is an exciting prospect, especially considering the recent success of video game projects like Super Mario Bros. and The Last of Us. With details on casting and behind-the-scenes talent still to come, we can’t wait to see what Mortal Kombat 2 will bring to the big screen.