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Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Breakdown And Mystery Of Kamala’s Grandmother

By Ganesh K
June 15,2022

Ms.Marvel episode 2: Crushed begins with Kamala being more confident than before as she has super powers. It is a story about a teenager who gets a mysterious superpower and tries to use them for good.

Episode 2 was slowed down a bit so we can know more about Kamala, her friends, and her mysterious family history.

However, there were some training montages for Kamala, and she learns to use them effectively with the help of Bruno.

They also confirmed that Kamala’s power is not coming from the bangle, it just activated the superhuman part of Kamala.

Ms.Marvel Episode 2

Marvel Studios' Ms.Marvel

Marvel Studios’ Ms.Marvel

After that Kamala gets permission from her mother and went to Zoe’s party, they replicated the exact comic book sequence “Orange juice and vodka scene.”

When the police came to the scene Kamala and her friends escaped with Kamran in his uncle’s car.

The conversation between Kamala and Kamran referenced Bollywood movies (Baazigar) and actors like Shah Rukh Khan and also mentioned Kingo.

Similarly, the conversation between Kamala and Nakia showed the representation of Muslim culture and the boldness of Nakia.

On the other side, the Department Of Damage Control investigated Zoe about the incident in the Avenger Con.

Kamala’s Family History

At the dinner party, Kamala’s dad tells the story to Tyesha, How his wife’s family arrived in Karachi during the chaotic partition of India in 1947.

As the family history goes, Kamala’s great-grandfather and his daughter Sana arrived at the train station just in time to take the very last train.

Sana was just a toddler at the time and got lost in the crowd. Sana’s father had to use a Stick, which made it difficult for him to find his daughter. But mysteriously, Sana made her way back to the train and reunited with her father.

Kamala’s Father says that Sana said she followed “a trail of stars” to find her way back and that Kamala’s great-grandmother also disappeared during this event.

Kamala’s bangle starts glowing during this story, bringing about a vision that knocks Kamala out.


After that when Kamala calls her grandmother, Nani declines to elaborate on the bangle beyond confirming that it belonged to her mother.

Kamala gets more information about her great Grandmother during the Eid-Mubarak celebration from “The Illumin-Aunties” group.

They mentioned her Grandmother as “a snake”, and she put a curse on everything she touched and even she killed a man during the partition.

In the end, a boy got himself in a dangerous situation then Kamala suits up to save the boy then she saved the boy initially but in the last step she again gets the visuals which leads her to lose concentration.

She tries to save the falling boy with her powers, but finally, he lands on a car with his ankle injured.

The DODC came into the scene and tries to capture Kamala as they did with Spider-Man previously, but in conclusion, Kamran saves Kamala and probably teased the antagonist of this series.

Overall Opinion

Ms.Marvel’s episode 2 was delightful even though it was slow-paced, I loved the conversation between Nakia and Kamala in the high school and training montages. The overall mystery is fascinating.



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