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Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Mandarin-Kree Connection Explained

By Romesh Khatri
June 22,2022

Ms. Marvel episode 3 will be remembered as the most remarkable Marvel has ever been.
And it has nothing to do with any comic stuff, rather folks of all diversity dance, laugh, and
just have a good time. The dance sequence during Kamala’s brother Aamir’s wedding was
totally relatable to any South-East Asian and authentic.

But the episode also had other important moments. Kamala gets to know about the bangles and her great-grandmother. There is a fight between Kamala and the Clandestine group. The DODC gets involved again (Except Agent Cleary). Also, we get to see a glimpse of Kamala’s true powers.

The Mandarin-Kree connection

At the start of the episode, we see Kamala’s great-grandmother and her group of Djinns or
Clandestines searching for the relic bangle. They find the bangle in a ruined temple, being
worn by a blue dead hand. This proves some of the circulating theories.

The dead body was definitely a Kree, thus the bangles are Neo-Bands. These bands or
bangles are a powerful artifact created by Kree and grant the wearer to create anything
based on imagination. It is also mentioned that the group was looking for a pair of bangles,
the left piece is missing. This could lead to the plot for season 2 where Kamala and her gang face the current wearer of the other piece. Or it could even lead to the upcoming Marvels movie where she is paired with her idol, Carol Danvers.

Also, the temple where Kamala’s great-grandmother finds the bangle has the sign of the ten rings from Shang-Chi on the floor. We know that XU Wengwu (The Mandarin) has been alive on Earth for a long time.

Having the sign in the temple could mean either of two things –

● Mandarin was friends with the Kree and created the temple to store the Kree
● Mandarin was an enemy of the Kree, and the temple was actually a jail for the Kree.

Either way, the connection highlights the ten rings, raising the question of their origin. The
rings could also be created using Kree technology, like Kamala’s bangles.

In the post-credit scene of Shang-Chi and Legend of Ten Rings, we see Shang-Chi, Carol
Danvers and Bruce Banner discuss the rings. They discover that the rings are acting as
a beacon.

MCU Phase 4 and onwards

In the Marvel Phase 4, almost all MCU movies and TV series have the element of alternate
universes or multiverse. Though they were shown in different ways before phase 4, now they are being addressed at the forefront.

Another aspect of MCU is hinting at the upcoming Secret Invasion and the presence of
Inhumans. Most likely, the later phases of the MCU will focus on the Skrull-Kree war and
how it will affect Earth. Skrulls or Kree will use these alternate dimensions to make their
presence on Earth with many of their powerful artifacts already being here, ready for use.
These artifacts, like Shang Chi’s ten rings or Kamala’s bangles, will replace Infinity stones as the most powerful objects. And everyone will fight to control them to win the Invasion.

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