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Ms. Marvel Episode 3 “Destined” Breakdown and Review

By Ganesh K
June 23,2022

Ms. Marvel: “Destined” Episode 3 begins with a flashback of Aisha, Najma, and others finding the bangle inside a temple in 1942 “British Occupied India”.

After Aisha finds the bangle attached to a severed blue arm which can be a Cree and there can be some connections to Captain Marvel.

And the floor of that place has the Mandarin Ten rings symbol on it which connects with Shang-Chi and also mentions the existence of another bangle.

Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel

Then Aisha puts on the bangle and had the same vision as Ms. Marvel and leaves the temple alone as it begins to collapse.

In the present, Najma and the other survivors of the partition are telling Kamala about this whole story and that’s the last time they saw Aisha.

If Najma and the others are still alive, there is a chance that Aisha could be alive and may appear in upcoming episodes.

The Clandestines

Najma tells about their origin to Kamala as they are called “The Clandestines” and they are also called Ajnabi, Majnoon, and most commonly known as Djinn.

They are actually from a different dimension called the Noor dimension.

Although, they need the help of Ms. Marvel to get back to their home to their dimension, and later on the episode revealed their evil motives.

After that Kamala shares everything with Bruno and asks for his help with Djinn and Noor dimensions.

Bruno also mentions a paper by the scientist Eric Selvig who appeared in a previous Thor movie.

Then we came to know that Nakia won the election and she is now officially a board member.

A Wedding To Remember

While everyone was getting ready for the big wedding function, Bruno made a domino mask for Ms. Marvel.

Similar to Spider-Man, there is an amazing dialogue sequence between Kamala and her Uncle.

“Good is not a thing you are Kamala, it is the thing you do”

Ms Marvel

Iman Vallani as Ms Marvel

The wedding started with the dance performance of Kamala’s parents followed by Kamala, Nakia, and Bruno with background music from Brown Jovi.

Then they played a slow song, where Kamala asked Bruno do you want to dance which is interrupted by Kamran.

Kamran warns Kamala about the Clandestines are after her and she evacuates everyone using the fire alarm.

Ms. Marvel In Action

A Huge purple fist emerges from Kamala in the Ms. Marvel trailer

After that, we can get to see a fight and chase scene between Ms. Marvel and the Clandestines.

In the end, The Clandestines surrounded Ms. Marvel and this is where Najma shows Kamala another vision of a train coming towards them.

Then the DODC shows up in the scene and captures all the Clandestines including Kamran.

However, Kamala and Bruno manage to escape and Nakia gets to know that Kamala is Ms. Marvel.

The episode ends with Kamala’s grandmother calling her and saying she and her mother must come to Karachi.

Overall Opinion

The episode was fun-filled and it also had a lot of unanswered questions which makes it more exciting for the upcoming episodes of Ms. Marvel.

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